• • • The Ministry of Agriculture stands by the Hungarian dairy farmers

• • • The Ministry of Agriculture stands by the Hungarian dairy farmers

Any action to protect the interests of the dairy industry and to help supply Hungarian consumers with quality domestic milk enjoys the fullest support of the Ministry of Agriculture (AM), the Minister of State for Agriculture of AM said, referring to the demonstration organised in the beginning of the week at the conference “For the effectiveness of milk production” (Tejtermelés eredményességéért).

The Minister of State deemed the prospects of the dairy industry favourable, quoting the expansion of market opportunities in advanced economies. He explained that Hungarian agriculture experienced dynamic development over the past years; its output has exceeded HUF 2 700 billion. Milk processing contributes 10 percent of food industry; its production value was HUF 294 billion and its prospects are also favourable. According to the expectations, European milk production will expand by 8 percent by 2027 compared to 2017, and the purchase price may increase by 16 percent over the same period.

He highlighted that the Hungarian milk industry is highly professional also in international comparison; dairy cows and the relevant processing capacity are the most concentrated in Hungary after the Czech Republic, since three quarters of milk processing is done by the eight biggest companies.

Source: http://www.kormany.hu/en/ministry-of-agriculture/news/the-ministry-of-agriculture-stands-by-the-hungarian-dairy-farmers

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