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In 2016 Fodder Journal celebrated its 50th anniversary. Over all these years forage production has gone through a number of processes and together with changing priorities and paradigms the name of the journal was changing as well: “Forage Crops”, “Grasslands and Pastures”, “Fodder”, and finally “Fodder Journal”. What remained the same was an enthusiasm and dedication of staff and readers to the common goal.

The complex sphere of forage production connects experts in agronomy, animal husbandry, mechanization, biotechnology, economics, microbiology and the variety of agricultural and agriculture-related branches of science. All these fields of science are combined together under the same cover of Fodder Journal where researchers take part in academic discussions and constantly exchange progressive views on the latest issues and achievements.

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Editorial board of Fodder Journal.

Fodder Journal provides latest reliable knowledge on advanced practices, institutions, events, publications and other information valuable for both research and educational purposes in forage production. The journal deals with original research manuscripts, methodologies and reviews in forage production including grassland science and management, field forage production, breeding, genetics, biotechnology, crop protection, technologies and mechanization of feed production, storage and utilization, livestock feeding. Articles in economics, statistics, management, informatization and social aspects of fodder production are considered as well.

Manuscripts submitted to Fodder Journal should not be published previously in another journal. Authors are responsible for correctness of the statements provided in the manuscript and must ensure that all copyright issues are addressed.

A manuscript will be assigned to independent experts for peer-review. A double-blind review is applied where authors’ and experts’ identities are not known to each other. Peer review comments will be sent to authors and an assigned editor for further processing.

The editors of this journal ensure scrupulous peer-review process according to strict ethical policies and standards (see an example for a reviewer profile). Members of the reviewer board comprise the list of experts from various science fields.

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration if at least one of the authors has a subscription to the journal. Journal covers the publication fee for all the PhD students.


We wish you success in all your future scientific activities,
Editorial board of Fodder Journal

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