• • • Grower advocacy groups found ‘Farmers for a Sustainable Future’

• • • Grower advocacy groups found ‘Farmers for a Sustainable Future’

Representing millions of U.S. farmers, 21 farm groups are publicly launching Farmers for a Sustainable Future (FSF), a coalition committed to environmental and economic sustainability. This coalition will serve as a primary resource for policymakers as they consider sustainability and climate policies important to agriculture.

The coalition will share with elected officials, media, and the public U.S. agriculture’s commitment to sustainability and the incredible strides already made to reduce agriculture’s environmental footprint. As policy proposals are developed and considered, the goal is for the coalition and its guiding principles to serve as a foundation to ensure the adoption of meaningful and constructive policies and programs affecting agriculture.

FSF’s guiding principles call for policies that support science-based research, voluntary incentive-based conservation programs, investment in infrastructure, and solutions that ensure vibrant rural communities and a healthy planet. More about the coalition members, guiding principles, and sustainability achievements can be found at sustainablefarming.us.

Source: https://www.agriculture.com/news/grower-advocacy-groups-found-farmers-for-a-sustainable-future

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