• • • New spectrometer for Petnica Research Station

• • • New spectrometer for Petnica Research Station

Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic attended today in Petnica near Valjevo, the ceremonial delivery of the spectrometer to the Petnica Research Station, and on that occasion said that education is one of the most important priorities of the government. The spectrometer, a device worth RSD 3.2 million, which simply identifies chemical substances and sample composition, will help develop the knowledge and talents of the participants in that research centre.

Brnabic expressed her gratitude to all the representatives of the companies that recognised the importance of investment in science and education, all civil society organisations and all individuals, citizens of Serbia, who took part in fundraising for an innovative device that will allow Petnica students to conquer the world. According to Brnabic, about 400 young Petnica students will work on this device, as well as a hundred students and students during their specialised visits.

The Prime Minister pointed out that investing in education, in modern technology, and especially investment in young innovators is the most important, because they are the ones who will be the bearers of economic, social and political progress and development of Serbia in the future. The event is supported by the Philanthropy Council, chaired by Prime Minister Brnabic, the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, the Coalition for Charity, led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Source: https://www.srbija.gov.rs/vest/en/140072/new-spectrometer-for-petnica-research-station.php

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