• • • Hungary is committed to climate protection

• • • Hungary is committed to climate protection

“Hungary is committed to climate protection, and also with regard to the related tasks it regards it as important that the funding available for rural development should not be reduced within the European Union’s upcoming multiannual financial framework”, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Minister of State for Rural Development said.

At the Agrárutak (“Agrarian Paths”) conference organised by the Somogy County Directorate of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and the University of Kaposvár, Miklós Kis repeated that according to the European Commission’s proposal, there will be less money available to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) from 2020, and Hungary would have a budget of some 940 billion forints (EUR 3bn) available for rural development instead of the previous 1300 billion (EUR 4.15bn).

“We say that this cannot be accepted, because if we wish to prescribe most commitments for agriculture with relation to environmental protection criteria, is it vital that we are able to assure at least the previous level of compensation”, the Minister of State stressed. ‘The Hungarian Government is working to assure that the upcoming new European Parliament and Commission votes in favour of a budget that preserves the current level of CAP funding’, he added.

Source: http://www.kormany.hu/en/ministry-of-agriculture/news/hungary-is-committed-to-climate-protection

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