• • • To the breeding of spring barley “Kamashevskiy”

• • • To the breeding of spring barley Kamashevskiy

This report deals with detailed morphological, economical and biological characteristics of new drought-resistant variety of spring barley “Kamashevskiy”. The variety tested in field and farm trials showed high resistance to the climate of the Middle Volga region. In 2017 after 2 years of State variety trial the variety was recommended for a large-scale cultivation and enlisted in the State Register of Breeding Achievements as qualitatively valuable. “Kamashevskiy”, obtained via intraspecific hybridization had growing period from 65 (2010) to 78 days (2017). It surpassed the standard variety “Raushan” in heading time by 5–7 days and in full ripening — by 3–4 days. Large grains had 87% of uniformity. Thousand-kernel weight was 53 g, grain unit — 650–730 g/L. Protein content varied from 12.3 to 14.07% (in 2010 — 17.96%), starch content — from 47.5 to 53.2%. Average productivity (2008–2017) amounted to 3.87 t ha-1. The highest yield of 5.35 t ha-1 occurred in 2009. In the period of the State variety trial (2015–2016) the highest productivity of 8.53 t ha-1 happened in 2015 in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Cultivation of “Kamashevskiy” increases the area of barley cultivation in the dry zones.

Source: https://kormoproizvodstvo.ru/3-2018/3-2018-04-1205/, p. 25

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