• • • MLA to waive fees in bid to help rebuild flock and herd

• • • MLA to waive fees in bid to help rebuild flock and herd

Big red meat service provider Meat & Livestock Australia has put its money where its mouth is by waiving all fees and charges to producers for services it delivers in a bid to fast-track adoption of research and development and help drive the national herd and flock rebuild.

Managing director Jason Strong made the announcement at the organisation’s annual general meeting in Tamworth, saying the aim was to do everything possible to facilitate the uptake of tools which would aid the recovery process for the country’s cattle, sheep and goat producers.

Until the end of this financial year, MLA will not charge for the likes of Livestock Production Assurance national vendor declarations, training workshops, producer Meat Standards Australia activities, field days and workshops.

“By temporarily removing these costs, our intention is to support levy payers directly,” Mr Strong said. “This is not the only measure, but it is the first step to show our commitment to support industry. Our national herd and flock numbers have been smashed and the recovery on a national scale will be challenging – let alone being able to double the value of sales (the goal the industry has set itself).”

Mr Strong said there were limits to what a service body like MLA could do in challenging circumstances such as these. “Much of the assistance we can provide revolves around information, practical tools, communications and support,” he said. “If we are to be successful in our ambitions of creating unprecedented transformational change, there will be more tools in the coming months and years that will be commercial offerings to the industry reflecting the value created from levy investments.

Source: https://www.farmweekly.com.au/story/6503342/mla-to-waive-fees-in-bid-to-help-rebuild-flock-and-herd/?cs=5170

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