• • • Indigo Ag Acquires TellusLabs

• • • Indigo Ag Acquires TellusLabs

Indigo Ag, Inc. has acquired TellusLabs, a two-year-old start-up that uses satellite imagery to develop ag insights. The addition of the platform will expand the scope and precision of Indigo Ag’s data insights and recommendation platform. “At Indigo, we are always looking to expand and improve our offering to growers,” says David Perry, Indigo’s CEO. “TellusLabs’ technology will bolster our effort to produce rigorous and useful agronomic recommendations tailored to each acre of a farm. And the team behind the technology is fundamentally aligned to our mission.”

Founded by David Potere and Mark Friedl, TellusLabs has developed a living map of the world’s food supply, tracing farm management decisions and agronomic parameters in real time, including field boundaries, crop type, planting and harvest dates, and overall crop performance. Paired with proprietary machine learning, the platform can infer the environmental impact of farming practices from space. These insights were combined with weather and other historical data, along with predictive algorithms, for the company to create Kernel, which gathers insights on the global food system.

This flagship product, which has the ability to monitor crop progress daily and forecast crop yields before harvest, will be leveraged by Indigo to enable data-based decision making for farmers and buyers throughout the season. By equipping Indigo’s agronomists with TellusLabs’s spatial insights on a grower’s yield potential and the land’s unique characteristics, they can make recommendations to improve overall crop yield and quality.

Source: https://www.agriculture.com/news/technology/indigo-ag-acquires-telluslabs

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