• • • CRISPRcon 2019 – Early bird registration ends soon

• • • CRISPRcon 2019 – Early bird registration ends soon

CRISPRcon: Conversations on Science, Society and the Future of Gene Editing returns on June 20-21 in Wageningen, the Netherlands, to advance broad dialogue on whether and how gene editing technologies should make the transition from the lab into society at-large.

Join this event for a dynamic, diverse, and thought-provoking lineup of panels, keynotes, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities that will consider gene editing across applications, disciplines, geographies, communities, and cultures. Confirmed speakers include farmers, social scientists, patients, business leaders, advocates, religious leaders, environmentalists, ethicists, government officials, and other leading voices traveling from 11 countries and six continents.

CRISPRcon is a program of the nonprofit, non-advocacy Keystone Policy Center. This event will be hosted by Wageningen University and Research and is being developed in partnership with the university and the CRISPRcon Advisory Council. Register now to secure your seat before ticket prices increase.

Source: https://www.euroseeds.eu/crisprcon-2019-early-bird-registration-ends-soon

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