• • • Big savings with in-furrow nitrogen use

• • • Big savings with in-furrow nitrogen use

A Kalannie continuous cropping family has reduced its urea and ammonium nitrate (UAN) usage by up to 30 per cent thanks to direct injection equipment from Liquid Systems (SA). It has been achieved with nitrogen delivered directly to the seed bed via two A120 modules, which were installed in January 2017 when the family upgraded to DBS precision seeders.

“It’s way more efficient to have the nitrogen in the ground, a couple of centimetres below the seed,” said Travis Stanley, who runs the family farm. “We’re using 30 per cent less nitrogen because it’s where it needs to be and is more available to the seed,” he said. “We used to spray 45L/ha in front of our seeders and now we inject 30L/ha on average with variable rate technology in-furrow.”

According to Mr Stanley, the accuracy of the system, even delivery of liquid across the bar and section control also contributed to the efficient use of the liquid product they are using. “We calibrate the machines pre-season and then again during the season if we have to stop because it’s too dry or wet,” he said. “We found that from manifold to manifold, it’s spot on. We also have section control on both of our bars so that allows us to save as well.”

Source: https://www.farmweekly.com.au/story/5857999/big-savings-with-in-furrow-nitrogen-use/?cs=5153

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