• • • SunRice converting Coleambally mill to feed hungry livestock market

• • • SunRice converting Coleambally mill to feed hungry livestock market

SunRice’s mothballed Coleambally rice processing mill in southern NSW is to be converted into a major livestock feed manufacturing plant by its CopRice division.

While drought conditions and a much-reduced rice crop have kept the mill closed, soaring demand for stock feed supplements and drought rations have prompted SunRice to re-think how best to make use of the site. CopRice confirmed it would rebuild the plant during the coming nine months to become one of Australia’s largest ruminant nutrition milling facilities. It will be capable of producing mash and blended stockfeed to meet domestic and international demand in the dairy, sheep and beef markets.

In addition to 80,000-plus tonnes of storage and grain handling capacity, and excellent warehousing and container packing capabilities, the Coleambally mill site is conveniently close to cereal crop supplies and by-products from the Riverina region. Wheat, barley, corn, rice, almond hulls and cottonseed are just some of the ingredients readily available. Once operating as a feed mill it will initially employ 10 full time staff on an ongoing basis.

Source: https://www.farmweekly.com.au/story/5940126/drought-opportunity-sunrice-turns-rice-mill-to-stock-feed-plant/?cs=5150

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