• • • Improved Animal Health and Welfare – Benefits for All

• • • Improved Animal Health and Welfare – Benefits for All

‘Reinforcement of animal health and welfare’ is EU funded project that provides support to the Veterinary Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in the process of harmonization with EU legislation and standards in the area of animal health, welfare and biosecurity.

Bringing the animal health and welfare standards in line with EU legislation, also means improved economy for farmers and food producers. In this way, they will be even more competitive on regional and international markets. Farm biosecurity has importance for the future of sustainable agriculture. These are the conclusions of the kick-off conference of project Animal health and welfare held in Belgrade.

“This project will assist Serbia to conduct targeted awareness campaigns, draft a consolidated animal health strategy, monitoring and surveillance programs, but also prepare a Disaster management plan for animals- which becomes ever more relevant in light of the climatic changes” said Sakellaris Hourdas, Head of Operation III in the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

Source: https://europa.rs/improved-animal-health-and-welfare-benefits-for-all/?lang=en

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