• • • IBM Develops Platform to Fulfill on the Promise of Digital Agriculture

• • • IBM Develops Platform to Fulfill on the Promise of Digital Agriculture

Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture is a suite of customized, cost-efficient solutions that help stakeholders in agriculture make faster, more informed decisions. This new platform is an innovation that draws on IBM’s most advanced capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, IoT, Cloud, and weather to create a suite of solutions that span the farm-to-fork ecosystem.

The platform begins by creating an electronic field record (EFR) as the single source of truth for each farm. Once the data for the EFR is gathered, Watson applies AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to extract valuable insights and automatically generates recommendations to help farmers make smarter decisions. A unified dashboard enables growers to easily visualize data and alerts related to critical elements such as weather forecasts, soil conditions, evapotranspiration rates, and crop stress.

The grower application is just one piece of IBM’s larger effort to improve agriculture. With thousands of growers’ experiences contributing to its data set, IBM will have a much richer data set to be able to give growers evidence-based recommendations.

Source: https://www.agriculture.com/news/technology/ibm-develops-platform-to-fulfill-on-the-promise-of-digital-agriculture

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