Effectiveness of protected lysine in dairy cow diets


The aim of the research was to study the effectiveness of fodder additive “LiziperlTM” in developing lysine-balanced diet for highly productive newly calved cows. It contained lysine, protected from the breakdown in rumen. The experiment tested three groups of 13 newly calved cows each, giving 7500 kg of milk annually, and fed by protected lysine (40 and 80 g per head daily) from the 11th to 100th lactation day. It evaluated such parameters as fodder consumption, milk productivity, milk quality, blood biochemical composition and economical efficiency for milk production. Lysine-balanced diet increased four percent milk yield of experimental groups from 5.0 to 8.4% for 100 lactation days (Р ≤ 0,05) with respect to additive dose under milk fat and protein gain. Feed costs for 1 kg of milk, measured in exchange energy, were lower than that in the reference variant by 3.5–6.6%. Blood biochemical analyses showed the tendency for increase of total protein, free amino acids as well as alanine transaminase activity under significant increase in free lysine of 20.7%. Additional profit was accompanied by insignificant pay-back decrease of milk production. Farm scale trial proved the research data.

Source: https://kormoproizvodstvo.ru/en/archive/5-2017/, p. 32

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