Meadow and field forage production

Gurianov A. M., Artemiev A. A., Kapitanov M. P., Pronin A. A. The effect of turf tillage techniques and mineral fertilization on pasture grass mixture productivity


УДК: 633.038

The article presents the effect of turf tillage techniques, mineral fertilizers and weather conditions on the productivity of floodplain pastures of the 1st and 2nd year of use. The highest productivity of dry matter and protein per square unit was achieved after amelioration with mineral fertilization.

Keywords: pasture grass mixture, turf tillage techniques, mineral fertilizers, botanical composition, productivity.

Dokukin Yu. V. Green biomass productivity of eastern goat’s rue at late harvesting dates


УДК: 633.37:631.559

The article presents the results of studying the fodder productivity of the two cultivars of eastern goat’s-rue harvested at late vegetative phases.

Keywords: galega, variety, mowing, productivity.

Kashevarov N. I., Polischuk A. A., Kashevarova N. N., Lebedev A. N.Sowing dates and seeding rates of white panicum in the northern forest-steppe of West Siberia


УДК: 633.2.28:631.53.048:

This article presents the results of studying the effect of the basic elements of technology (sowing dates and seeding rates) on the yield of white panicum cultivated for green fodder in the northern forest-steppe of West Siberia.

Keywords: forage crops, white panicum, cultivation technology, sowing dates, seeding rates, productivity, green biomass, dry biomass.

Bulyntsev S. V., Telikh K. M. On cultivating forage beans in the conditions of the Tula region


УДК: 633.353

The article presents the results of a long-term testing the forage beans cultivar “Drujnye” in the conditions of the Tula region.

Keywords: forage beans, soil and weather conditions, vegetation period.

Bugayev P. D., Lammas M. E. Photosynthetic activity of barley under the application of chemical and biological preparations


УДК: 633.162:631.559:632:

The article evaluates the influence of the protective and stimulating complexes and “Zircon” on the seed quality, plant growth and development as well as barley productivity in the Central region of the Non-Сhernozem zone.

Keywords: protective and stimulating complex, growth regulator, spring barley.

Eryashev A. P., Bektyashkin I. P., Kudashkina S. V. Productivity and seed quality of barley under different conditions plant nutrition


УДК: 633.16:631.524.84/.8

The article presents the results of studying the effect of different mineral nutrition statuses on the productivity and seed quality of common barley in the south-west of the Non-Chernozem zone.

Keywords: barley, fertilization, productivity, laboratory germination.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Timoshkin O. A., Timoshkina O. Yu., Yakovlev A. A. Seed productivity of perennial leguminous grasses dependent on micro-fertilizers’ and biological regulators’ application


УДК: 633.31/.37:631.559/.

The article presents the results of applying micro-fertilizers and biological regulators to increase the seed productivity of perennial leguminous grasses.

Keywords: variable alfalfa, red clover, melilot, microfertilizers, biological regulators, seed productivity.

Telichko O. N., Emelyanov A. N. Ecological evaluation of the annual grasses’ mixtures in the conditions of Primorsky Krai


УДК: 633.263:631.5 (571.6

The article presents the results of calculating the ecological plasticity and stability of grass mixtures by the green mass yields.

Keywords: grass mixture, productivity, plasticity, stability.

Regional forage production

Degunova N. B., Klokova V. V. Feed conveyors for the conditions in the Novgorod region


УДК: 631.524

The article gives an analysis of traditional forage crops as well as the new ones for the region; the economical assessment is also given.

Keywords: amplitude of the green mass productivity, fodder crops, mowing time, feed conveyors.

Petruk V. A. Dynamics of productivity of perennial grasses in the forest steppe of West Siberia


УДК: 633.2: 631.559 (571.

The article presents the results of studying the comparative productivity of the most widespread perennial grasses in the region in the 5-year dynamics. Alfalfa has had the highest productivity.

Keywords: productivity of perennial grasses, dynamics of productivity, height, sward density of perennial grasses.

Osipova V. V. The effect of different seeding rates of sickle alfalfa (Medicago falcata L.) on the swards’ weediness on permafrost soils


УДК: 633.317 : 631.53.04

The effect of alfalfa plant density on the number of weeds is studied. It is found that the seeding rate of alfalfa has a significant effect on weed infestation of the herbage only in the first three years of the agrophitocenosis’ life.

Keywords: alfalfa, weeds, permafrost soils, seeding rate.

Yakhtanigova J. M. Single and combined crops of maize and soybean for green fodder in the south-west of Central Non-Chernozem zone


УДК: 633.2/3(470.32)

The growth, development and yield formation of different maize subspecies’ varieties and hybrids were studied. Due to the rapid development of the livestock production unit of the region, the topical question of obtaining highquality and balanced feeds is of particular interest. Th e article presents the results of recording the yields of maize varieties and hybrids, as well as determining the nutritional value of the feeds from single and joint crops of maize with soybean for green fodder.

Keywords: hybrid, cultivar, maize, soybean, green fodder, biological yield, nutritional value.

Gamidov I. R., Umakhanov M. A., Aitemirov A. A. Biochemical composition and nutrition value of the herbage of the Kizlyar pastures


УДК: 633.2.033: 636. 085.

The article presents the results of studying the biochemical composition of pasture grasses, semishrubs and shrubs in the Kizlyar pastures.

Keywords: Kizlyar pastures, fodder lands, sinusiae, productivity.

Perevalova N. N. Goat-keeping: modern extension of national traditions


Kosolapov V. M., Trofimov I. A. An important landmark of Siberian fodder production. A review of the handbook «Managing fodder production in Siberia»


УДК: 633.2/3

The Siberian Fodder Research Institute and the Siberian Animal Husbandry Research Institute have published a new handbook «Managing fodder production in Siberia ». It covers the main issues of practical organization and management of forage production, fodder crops’ cultivation in fields and grasslands. A special attention is paid to seed production of new varieties, foraging technologies, dietary requirements and improving animal nutrition.

Keywords: forage production, varieties, seeds, perennial grasses, grain feed and silage crops, natural grasslands, forage, rations, feeding.

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