General questions of forage production

Starodubtseva A. M. A key to success: initiative, innovation, improved technologies


The international conference “Cattle Forage Basis — 2012” took place in Moscow on 18–20th June 2012. It hosted the scientists and the industry representatives as well as governmental speakers. Th ey discussed the problems and developments in the spheres of forage production, its quantity and quality, technical equipment of the branch, economic means of regulation and support and other questions.

Keywords: cattle forage basis, grain forage, concentrates.

“Sovkhoz imeni Lenina” as an example of skillful industrial organization and successful management


«Sovkhoz imeni Lenina» is a former collective farm and it is about to meet its 50th anniversary. The biggest strawberry producer in Russia, it also develops its own dairy farm, mostly for the purpose of obtaining farm manure for berries, orchards and vegetable crops. It is a good example of agricultural organization and management in the Non-Chernozem zone of Russia.

Keywords: sovkhoz, mixed farm, organization, management

Laretin N. A. Economic problems and development of fodder basis for milk and meat cattle in the Non-Chernozem zone of Russia


УДК: 633.2

The article gives an economic analysis of contemporary situation in the fodder basis for milk and meat cattle in the Non-Chernozem zone of Russia. It shows the main directions of development of food resources, measures to create a sustainable system of feed production and utilization in the specific natural and economic conditions.

Keywords: milk and meat cattle husbandry, fodder basis, forage production, grassland farming, cultural pastures, productivity, cost, economic efficiency.

Elisseyev A. G. Introduction of innovative technological and technical solutions in meat and dairy cattle husbandry as means of increasing economic effi ciency and competitiveness


УДК: 637.03

An increase in livestock production is observed in Russia, but the cattle industry lags behind the others in many ways. One of the main problems is the poor technical equipment of the enterprises in the absence of a developed service system, as well as non-compliance or outdated technologies. Th e possible solution is creating rural centers of innovation and support for business ideas.

Keywords: modernization, economic efficiency, develop ment center, innovative solutions.

Kosolapov V. M., Kutuzova A. A., Kulakovskaya T. V. Bioenergy and forage production as allies and partners


УДК: 620.95:662.767.2

The article gives an analysis of using renewable energy sources. The interrelation of bioenergy and forage production is shown. Th e special role of grasslands and pastures in solving the topical problem is shown.

Keywords: bioenergy, forage production, grassland management, biofuel, the All-Russian Williams Institute for Fodders.

Meadow and field forage production

Kozlova L. M., Popov F. A. Efficiency of field crops’ cultivation in red clover and spring wheat rotation link


УДК: 631.582/.51

The article presents the results of studying crop productivity levels in the crop rotation with red clover, spring wheat, winter rye and spring wheat, as well as spring wheat yield dependence on different methods of tilling the clover furrow slice.

Keywords: soil tillage, productivity, spring wheat, the efficiency of cultivation.

Dronova T. N., Burtseva N. I., Nevezhin S. U. Eff ect of species composition and calculated doses of fertilizers on the productivity of legume-grass mixtures on irrigated lands


УДК: 631.587:633.31/3

The rational combination of species composition and the calculated doses of fertilizers are determined for obtaining planned yields of legume-grass stands at 3, 7, and 5-year use at the optimized soil water regime. Th e effect of mixed crops is outlined in the accumulation of organic matter and nutritive fodder value.

Keywords: mineral fertilizers, leguminous and gramineous grasses, herbage density, productivity, energy and protein nutritional value of fodder.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Muravyov A. A., Naoumkin V. N., Naoumkina L. A., Artyukhov A. I., Lukashevich M. I. White lupine seed productivity dependent on inoculation, mineral fertilization and growth-regulating factor


УДК: 633.367.3:631.81

The data has shown the efficiency of applying inoculation, micro and macro fertilizers as well as growth regulator for increasing white luping seed yields in dry conditions.

Keywords: white lupine, fertilizers, productivity.

Drobysheva L. V., Zyathchina G. P. Generating breeding material of diff erent clover species with a higher nitrogen fi xation effi ciency


УДК: 633.321/.322:631

The article presents the results of selecting rhizobia strains matching the breeds and the promising breeding samples of red and white clovers.

Keywords: red clover, white clover, symbiosis, rhizobia strain.

Kenzhegaliev G. K., Nidyulin V. N., Shamsutdinov Z. Sh. On the biology of Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad. fl owering in the North-Western Caspian region


УДК: 633.39 : 581.145

The research has shown circadian and seasonal peculiarities of flowering of the sandy and the clay ecotypes of Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad. in the arid zone of Russia.

Keywords: Kochia prostrata, blooming.

Shamsutdinova E. Z. The results of breeding Suaeda altissima (L.) Pall for growing on saline soils


УДК: 582.662:631.527.

The article presents the results of breeding annual forage halophyte Suaeda altissima (L.) Pall for semi-arid lands irrigated by saline water.

Keywords: Suaeda altissima (L.) Pall, selection, variety.

Sanjeev V. V., Shamsutdinov N. Z. Studying halophytes’ samples (Salsola orientalis) in the North-Western Caspian region


УДК: 633.26/.29 : 631.527

The article presents the results of studying a collection of Salsola orientalis in the semiarid conditions of the northwestern Caspian Sea region.

Keywords: Salsola orientalis, sample.

Regional forage production

Chebotaryov N. T., Bulatova N. V., Khomchenko A. A. On the effi ciency of fertilizing fodder crops in Komi Republic


УДК: 631.582/.8.022.3 (47

The article presents the results of crop management in a six-field rotation on sod-podzolic soil in moderate taiga.

Keywords: fodder crop rotation, fertilizers, productivity.

Vasin V. G., El’chaninova N. N., Vasin A. V. The main development trends of forage production in the Samara region


УДК: 633.2/3

The article analyzes the developments by Samara State Agricultural Academy as aimed at solving the problems of forage production on regional scale. It shows the possibility of almost doubling milk and meat production in the nearest decade.

Keywords: forage production, animal husbandry, perennial grasses, annual grasses, conveyor forage production.

The bookshelf

Kosolapov V. M., Trofi mov I. A., Trofi mova L. S., Yakovleva E. P. The geobotanical school founder of the Fodder Research Institute — Leontiy Grigoryevich Ramenskiy


УДК: 577.4; 633.2

A new brochure is published: “History of Science. Leonti G.Ramensky” / V. M. Kosolapov, I. A. Trofi mov, L. S. Trofi mova, E. P. Yakovleva — Russian Agricultural Academy, 2011. — 27.

Keywords: geobotany, natural grasslands, classification, zoning, mapping, ecology, geography, agricultural landscapes.

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