General questions of forage production

Belyshkina M. E. Analysis and prospective for soybean production in Russia and the world


УДК: 633.34 : 606.63

The article examines the current state of the world’s soy production, its gross yield in the leading countriesproducers; it presents the forecasts of the leading analytical agencies for the coming season, as well as the prospects of this valuable crop in the Russian market.

Keywords: soybean, gross harvest, sowing areas, meal, soy isolates, export, import, the problem of protein deficiency.

Meadow and field forage production

Kulakov V. A., Sedova E. G. Meteorological conditions affecting the yield formation by the grassland phytocenosis


УДК: 631.585.631.5.

The article assesses the influence of meteorological and other factors on the productivity of long-term (66 years) pastures. It is shown that the phitocenosis’ productivity and fertilization efficiency in the conditions of natural humidifying are in a greater degree defined by the quantity of precipitation and its distribution throughout the vegetation period. To a lesser degree it depends on the daily average air temperature.

Keywords: productivity, agrometeorological conditions, phytocenosis, fertilizer, fodder units, atmospheric precipitation, air temperature.

Kutuzova A. A., Stepanischev I. V. Organizing cultivated pastures on the fallow lands on the Non-Chernozem zone


УДК: 631.582.9:631.585(47

The productivity of long-term pastures (12–14 years of use) at low-cost technologies in the Non-Chernozem zone is 2.0–3.6 thousand feed units per hectare. The prime cost of 100 FU makes up to 138–351 rubles.

Keywords: pastures, fallow lands, productivity, production profitability.

Mikhailova S. I., Astafurova T. P., Burenina A. A., Morgalev Yu. N., Zotikova A. P., Morgaleva T. G. The effect of nickel and platinum nanoparticles on fodder crops yield


УДК: 574.5:581.132

This report covers the results of studying the effect of platinum and nickel nanoparticles suspensions on the productivity of wheat, amaranth and pea in the Tomsk region. The stimulating effect of platinum and nickel nanoparticles on the productivity of wheat and amaranth is determined. The biomass material of these forage crops can accumulate nanoparticles of the given metals.

Keywords: nanoparticles of platinum and nickel, fodder crops, productivity, Tomsk region.

Volkov A. I., Kirillov N. A., Prokhorova L. N. Way of increasing maize corn productivity, nutritional and energy value


УДК: 633.15

Using growth regulators Baikal EM 1, Zircon, Krezatsin and Epin on maize on sod-podsolic soils of the Volga- Vyatka region allows a significant increase in productivity as well as in nutritional and energy value of grain.

Keywords: productivity, nutritional and energy value, maize corn, Baikal EM 1, Zircon, Krezatsin, Epin.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Kashevarov N. I., Danilov V. P. Variety-oriented technologies as a basis for seed production in West Siberia


УДК: 633.2/3:631.5

The article presents the results of the experimental development of variety-oriented technologies for annual and perennial forage crops in the forest-steppe and steppe zones of West Siberia.

Keywords: crop, variety, cultivation techniques.

Glaz’ko L. A., Pupanova M. V. The new varieties of blue lupine for the North-West region of Russia


УДК: 633.367.2: 631.526.3

The article gives a characteristic of the new blue lupine varieties adapted to the conditions of the North and North- West regions of Russia.

Keywords: blue lupine, variety, agricultural technique.

Emelyanov A. N., Voloshina T. A. On galega seed production in the Primorye region


УДК: 633.37: 631.531 (571

The peculiarities of eastern goat’s-rue cultivation technology are discoursed.

Keywords: eastern goat’s-rue, scarifi cation, inoculation, herbicides, desiccation.

Saprykina N. V., Piskovatskiy Yu. M. The results of alfalfa breeding samples assessment


УДК: 633.31:631.527

The article presents the results of assessing the samples of alfalfa in the steppe conditions of the Central Chernozem zone.

Keywords: alfalfa, hybrid, productivity.

Degunova N. B., Danilova Yu. B. Productivity of variable alfalfa cultivars under inoculation with Rhizotorfi n


УДК: 633.313:631.526.325/

The productivity data is presented for the cultivars of variable alfalfa inoculated with Rhizotorfi n based on different strains.

Keywords: variable alfalfa, cultivar, Rhizotorfi n, productivity.

Obraztsov V. N., Schedrin D. I., Kondratov V. V. Festulolium seed productivity dependent on cultivation methods in the forest-steppe of the Central Chernozem zone


УДК: (633.263+633.264):63

The article presents the results of studying festulolium seed productivity in the forest-steppe of the Central Chernozem zone, in dependence on cultivation methods and doses of mineral fertilizers.

Keywords: festulolium, seed productivity, sowing method, mineral fertilizers.

Regional forage production

Kokonov S. I., Dyukin R. F. Forage productivity of Udaloye millet dependent on the forecrop and secondary tillage


УДК: 633.171:631.5

The results of a two-year study are presented for the effect of forecrops and secondary tillage on the forage productivity of Udaloye millet in the Middle Cis-Ural region.

Keywords: millet, forecrop, soil tillage, productivity.

Ashirbekov M. J. Fodder productivity of the cotton crop rotations on the saline soils of old-aged irrigated zone in Southern Kazakhstan


УДК: 631.582:636.084.414

The article presents the results of a research into improvement of the crop acreage structure in the cotton farms of Southern Kazakhstan.

Keywords: crop rotation, fodder crops, productivity.


Bourloutskiy E. M., Pavlidis V. D., Tchkalova M. V. Preparing the results of an industrial experiment for mathematical processing


УДК: 631.363.21

The article is dedicated to description of the authorial approach to the problem of mathematical processing the data of the industrial experiments in Mathcad and Excel soft ware environment, using the «Electronic oscillograph» soft ware. Th e exemplary data base was obtained via studying the operating procedure of a closed-type hammermill with jointly suspended hammers.

Keywords: air-and-product layer, empirical data, mathematical methods, data processing, soft ware environment.


Ryabova V. E. Agro-ecological seed production of perennial grasses


УДК: 633.2/631.531

The group of authors of the All-Russian Williams Forage Institute have published a guidance manual “Agro-ecological seed production of perennial grasses”. It is aimed at the agricultural managing staff of different level, seed production farm specialists, teachers and students of the specialized universities and colleges, as well as at the research institutes’ staff .

Keywords: perennial grasses, varieties, seed production, cultivation technology, productivity, seeds.

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