General questions of forage production

Starodubtseva A. M. 24th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation June, 2-7th, 2012, Lublin, Poland


In early June, the 24th General Meeting of the EGF took place in one of the oldest agricultural centers in Eastern Europe. The Congress Centre of the Lublin University of Natural Resources in Poland has hosted more than 300 scientists from 41 countries. During the event, the participants were offered tours, seminars, presentation of oral and poster presentations, and workshops for young scientists. The business meetings of the Presidium were dedicated to making decisions on a European scale.

Blagoveschenkiy G. V. On the results of the 24th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation (EGF)


Meadow and field forage production

Kovalyk D. P., Zotov A. A. Methods of improving old sown dry hayfi elds in the Central region of the Non-Chernozem zone


УДК: УДК 633. 2. 31

The paper experimentally substantiated the effect of various methods of surface and radical improvement of degenerated old grasslands such as their fertilization, undersowing, and regressing. Their effect on the meadow grasses’ productivity and rate of growth is shown for the central region of the Non-Chernozem zone.

Keywords: grassland renovation, tillage method, grass growth, productivity, herbage.

Kazantsev V. P. Grass mixtures under a long-term hayfi eld use


УДК: УДК 633.2.031

The dynamics of botanical composition and productive longevity during 15 years of use is shown. Grass mixtures with goat’s-rue provide 3.31-6.89 thousand feed units per hectare.

Keywords: grass mixtures, yield capacity, productivity, economic efficiency, profitability.

Kozhevnikov V. I., Grechushkina-Sukhorukova L. A., Peschanskaya E. V., Isaenko T. N. Experience of restoring the meadow-steppe coenosis in the Stavropol Botanical Garden by turf planting


УДК: УДК 581.9 (470.63)

Results of comparative analysis of 40 years of meadowsteppe coenosis restored by turf planting and initial donor coenosis are presented. In the course of autogenous succession in experimental community the positions of the initial dominants weakened. Th e species composition was 65- 97 species per 100 m², 15 endangered species were saved, biological productivity reached 3.98-6.91 t/ha. Th e results of an entomological research are also presented.

Keywords: coenosis, meadow steppe, turf, succession, dominance, species сompositions (richness), biological productivity, endangered species, entomological research

Shevchenko V. A., Solovyov A. M., Prosviryak P. N. Eff ect of mowing height on maize yield, forage quality and soil nutrient regime improvement in the Upper Volga region


УДК: УДК 636.085

The impact of mowing height on yield and quality of maize grain forage mixture is studied as well as the accumulation of mineral nutrition elements from root and crop residues in the soil.

Keywords: corn, grain and stalk mix, nutritional value of forage, grain forage, mowing height.

Veretennikova V. G. The productivity of mixed sowing spring rape and oil radish in early spring and late summer crops


УДК: УДК 631.524.84:633.8

The article analyses the results of studying the productivity of annual crops grown in the Central Black-Soil zone depending on the terms of sowing.

Keywords: ratio of use of water, terms of sowing, photosynthetically active radiation, phenological observation, botanical composition, productivity, zoological analysis.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Piskovatskaya R. G., Ivanova A. A. Evaluation of new hybrids of white clover (Trifolium repens L.)


УДК: УДК 633.322 : 631.52

The article presents the results of studying the breeding samples of white clover of hollandicum and giganteum subvarieties, based on a complex of agronomic and biological characteristics.

Keywords: white clover, hybrid.

Beliayeva R. A., Rubtsova V. E. On the seed production of the canary grass breeding lines


УДК: УДК 633.26/.29

The article presents the results of evaluation of the canary grass breeding lines for seed productivity. The promising lines for further breeding are identified.

Keywords: canary grass, line, seed productivity.

Ponomarenko A. V., Shathskiy I. M. Seed production of smooth brome-grass (Bromopsis inermis Leyss.) depending on the method of sowing and the seeding rate


УДК: УДК 633.262:631.531/

The article deals with the results of studying the dependence of the seed yield of the smooth brome-grass cultivar Voronezh 17th on the seeding method and rate in rainfed conditions of Central Black Earth region.

Keywords: smooth brome-grass, seed production, seed rate, spacing.

Regional forage production

Izmestyev V. M., Kondratenko A. V. Eff ectiveness of growing mixed crops of blue lupine and spring wheat


УДК: УДК 633.367.2/.111.1

The productivity of mixed crops of blue lupine and spring wheat were studied at different proportions of their seeds in the seeding rate.

Keywords: blue lupine, spring wheat, mixed planting, seeding rate, productivity.

Grebennikov V. G., Dyhrenko M. A., Shipilov I. A. The eff ectiveness of cultivating winter rape varieties for feed in the dry steppe zone


УДК: УДК: 633.853.494:631

The article summarizes the results of the research into the productivity of two cultivars of winter rape, depending on the time of sowing and seeding rates in the dry steppe zone of the Stavropol Territory.

Keywords: winter rape, seeding rate, sowing date, productivity.

Rachalovskiy N. P., Tseluyko O. A. Methods of forming and extending the productivity of grass-legume mixtures in the zone of chestnut alkali soils of Rostov region


УДК: УДК: 663.2.033/039

Long-term studies have been developed elements of the technology of preparation of solonetz soils under perennial grassy meadows are formed shot down grassland, terms and methods of sowing, the composition of mixtures, their yields, the methods of the extension of productive longevity and the conservation of species composition.

Keywords: chestnut soil, perennial grasses, fertilizers, productivity, longevity, efficiency.

Telikh K. M. Economic value and structure of the crop areas under the major legumes in Tula region


УДК: УДК 633.353

The article deals with the possibilities of use of the three major livestock legumes — peas, broad beans and soybeans, for the needs of animal husbandry.

Keywords: soybean, peas, broad beans, sown areas’ structure, protein, amino acids, nitrogen fixation.


Drincha V. M. Alternative methods for reducing hay losses


УДК: УДК 636.085.7

The paper analyzes the factors associated with improving the quality of hay, as well as decreasing its losses by application of preservative additives. It also thoroughly investigates the technology of artificial hay -drying.

Keywords: hay preservative additives, loss factors, economic effect of artificial drying.

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