General questions of forage production

Sventitskiy I. I., Kasumov N. E. Computer system for optimizing fodder production


УДК: 631.171

The article presents a computer program flow chart designed for energy and resource optimization in fodder production. It estimates the efficiency of agricultural technologies, taking into account the environmental conditions.

Keywords: computer system, optimization, agricultural technology, feed production.

Meadow and field forage production

Pigareva N. N., Kozhevnikova N. M. The effect of neodymium-containing microfertilizer on the productivity of pastoral phytocenosis


УДК: 631.8:633/635(571.54

The effect of neodymium on the productivity and quality of pasture grasses was studied in a field experiment on sod gley permafrost soil of Buryatia. A positive effect of neodymium-containing microfertilizer was shown on the grasses’ productivity and qualitative composition. Th e optimal neodymium rate is determined for soil application.

Keywords: permafrost soils, micronutrient fertilizers, pastoral phytocenosis, productivity and quality of the grasses.

Chukhina O. V., Tokareva N. V. Infl uence of fertilizers on nutritional value of vetch and oats mixture


УДК: 631.582:631.816.1

The presented data shows the influence of various fertilization rates on vetch and oats mixture’s green mass productivity, its nutrient composition and exchange energy. It is also shown that the designated fertilization rates increase the green mass productivity of the mixture by 36-46 %, its crude protein yield by 170-238 kg/hectare, and exchange energy content by 11,4–14,3 GJ/hectare. At the same time the sugar to protein ratio corresponds to the optimum value of 0.9–1.0:1.0.

Keywords: vetch and oats mixture, fertilizers, green mass, crude protein, fat, cellulose, ash, exchange energy.

Zhuzhukin V. I., Semin D. S., Garshin A. Yu. Biological and energy efficiency evaluation of local cultivation technology for sugar sorghum in the Lower Volga region


УДК: 631.52: 633.174

The article presents the results of evaluating biological and energy efficiency of sugar sorghum cultivation in the Lower Volga region. The cultivars were assessed for canopy yield, biochemical properties and net energy outcome. Th e cultivars with the highest and the lowest energy efficiency were educed.

Keywords: technology, efficiency, feed value, productivity, energy, protein, fat, nitrogen-free extractive substances, cultivar, biomass.

Semina S. A., Inyakhin A. G. Maize productivity dependent on cultivation methods


УДК: 633.15:631.811

The article presents the results of studying full mineral fertilization, growth regulator, and pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides on maize productivity and fodder value.

Keywords: maize, herbicide, growth regulator, fertilizer, productivity.

Nafikov M. M., Fomin V. N. Soybean productivity dependent on cultivation methods in the Volga region forest-steppe


УДК: 633.34:631.5/.8

The article presents the results of soybean cultivation at different nutrition rates and methods of soil tillage.

Keywords: soybean, soil tillage, fertilizer, productivity.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Naoumkin V. N., Naoumkina L. A., Muravyov A. A., Artyukhov A. I., Lukashevich M. I., Agheyeva P. A. White and blue lupine productivity in the forest-steppe of the Central Chernozem region


УДК: 633.367.2/3:631.524.

The article presents the results of testing the samples of blue and white lupine bred at the All-Russian Research Institute of Lupine.

Keywords: white lupine, blue lupine, sample, productivity.

Sapega V. A. Spring rape varieties’ assessment in different ecological conditions


УДК: 633.853.494:631.526.

The article presents the results of spring rapeseed varieties’ assessment for green mass and seed production in the different soil and climate zones of the Tyumen region.

Keywords: spring rape, variety, productivity, ecological flexibility.

Fadeyev A. A., Fadeyeva M. F., Vorobyeva L. V. Ecological testing of soybean samples in the Chuvashia conditions


УДК: 633.34: 631.524.85

The article presents the results of assessing the earlyripening soybean varieties for productivity, processability and adaptiveness to the cultivation conditions.

Keywords: soybean, sample, productivity.

Naoumova T. V., Emelyanov A. N. On the seed production of Sudan grass and sugar sorghum in the Primorye Territory


УДК: 633.174: 631.531/.55

The article presents the results of studying various agrgicultural techniques of cultivation on seed productivity of Sudan grass and sugar sorghum in the Primorye Territory conditions.

Keywords: sugar sorghum, Sudan grass, agricultural technique, seed productivity.

Regional forage production

Namyatov M. A., Zezin N. N., Laptev V. R., Kravchenko V. V.Ecological assessment of maize hybrids in the Sverdlovsk region


УДК: 636.086.15

The authors show the results of choosing the hybrids and their harvesting time on maize yield, its quality and cost-effectiveness of maize cultivation in the Sverdlovsk region.

Keywords: maize, early-ripening hybrids, harvesting time, ecological assessment, productivity, economic efficiency.

Gorkovenko L. G., Bedilo N. A., Osetskiy S. I. Productivity assessment of sickle alfalfa productivity in the conditions of the North-Western Caucasus


УДК: 633.31:631.559

The article presents theresults of assessing the productivity of selection varieties of sickle alfalfa Medicago falcata, and wild Romanian alfalfa Medicago romanica.

Keywords: sickle alfalfa Medicago falcata, Romanian alfalfa Medicago romanica. variety, fodder productivity.

Zayets S. A., Onufran L. I. Grain yield and quality of spring barley depending on the sowing date and plant protection system


УДК: 633.16:631.5: 632.93

The article presents the results of studying grain yield and quality of spring barley varieties, depending on the sowing date and plant protection system in the south of Ukraine.

Keywords: spring barley, variety, sowing date, plant protection, productivity, grain quality.

Konoplya N. I., Kourdyukova O. N., Dombrovskaya S. S. On weed control at the natural forage lands


УДК: 633.2.03/3:631.559/3

The article presents the results of the field reconnaissance at the natural forage lands in the Seversky Donets river basin. Methods for reducing their weed infestation are suggested.

Keywords: fodder lands, weeds, topping, productivity.


Drincha V. M. Using roller-mills for individual forage production


УДК: 631.171

The article contains recommendations on choosing the roller-mills for individual forage production.

Keywords: forage production, roller-mills, grain, grinding, efficiency.


Kosolapov V. M., Trofi mov I. A. Lectures on fodder production in Orel SAU


УДК: 633.2/3

A new coursebook on fodder production is published in Orel SAU — «Forage Production. A course of lectures» is issued in three parts. Th e edition is produced by the Corresponding Member of the RAAS V. V. Kolomeychenko.

Keywords: forage production, field crops, pasture, hay, seed, fodder, concentrated and mixed fodder.

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