General questions of forage production

Kosolapov V. M., Trofimov I. A. The history of the All-Russian Williams Fodder Research Institute


УДК: 633.2 : 574.4

Throughout its history the All-Russian Williams Fodder Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences provides scientific guidance and coordination of the geobotanical study and evaluation of natural grasslands of the country, on meadow and field forage production, on plant breeding and seed production of forage crops, on technology, procurement, storage and use of feeds, which are the most important national objectives of ensuring food security of the country.

Keywords: forage production, animal husbandry, crop production, agriculture, productivity and sustainability of agricultural landscapes, environmental management.

Kosolapov V. M., Trofi mov I. A., Laretin N. A. Coordination of research on forage production


УДК: 631/633.15 : 63 : 06

The article analyzes the role and importance of coordination in dealing with the problem of scientific support for fodder production in Russia.

Keywords: fodder production, coordination, innovation, efficiency.

Meadow and field forage production

Kutuzova A. A., Teberdiev D. M., Privalova K. N., Zotov A. A.Development stages of grassland culture, modern achievements and prospects


УДК: 632.2.03

The article generalizes the results of researches of the Institute staff for the 100-year period on grassland science and management. Current achievements and perspectives for further development are shown.

Keywords: methods, technologies and improvement systems, productivity of hay-lands and pastures.

Kutuzova А. А., Stepanischev I. V. Perspective technologies for converting arable lands into hаyfi elds in thе forest zone of Russia


УДК: 631.582.9 : 631.585

Based оn 12 years of research multi-variant technologies for conservation of the arable lands excluded from cultivation are developed for creation of long-standing hayfields producing 3,5–5,0 thousand food units per 1 hectare. Th e aft ereffects of these technologies оn the annual ryegrass yield capacity are studied, its potential productivity being 1,5–2,1 thousand feed units per 1 ha.

Keywords: arable land excluded from cultivation, hayfields, natural and sown swаrds, the aft ereffect of technologies, аnnuаl ryegrass.

Volovik V. Т., Medvedeva S. E., Leonidova T. V., Yan L. V., Dokudovskaya N. A., Korovina L. M. Breeding spring rapeseed for early ripening


УДК: 633.853.494 : 631.52

The article presents the results of selecting a perspective spring rapeseed cultivar for early ripening and high productivity, and its estimation in control and competitive nurseries.

Keywords: spring rapeseed, selection, early ripening, productivity, quality.

Shpakov A. S., Volovik V. T. Major efficiency factors for forage crops


УДК: 633.2/4

The analysis of the condition of fi eld forages production in the country is given, the role of major factors of productivity and forage quality improvement is proved.

Keywords: forage crops, gross forage yield, productivity, quality of vegetative raw materials, fertilizer, cultivar, hybrid, amelioration, pesticides.

Truzina L. A. Efficiency of cultivating eastern goat’s rue (Galega orientalis Lam.) in the Central area of the Non-Chernozem zone


УДК: 632.2 : 632

The article gives an analysis of experimental researches on cultivation of eastern goat’s rue under cover and without it, at different cutting regimes. Th e data on the crop productivity and quality is presented.

Keywords: eastern goat’s rue, corn, green mass, protein, dry matter, cutting regimes, amino acids.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Kosolapov V. M., Kostenko S. I., Pilipko S. V., Kostenko N. Y. Priorities for breeding perennial gramineous grasses in the central regions of Russia


УДК: 633.2 : 631.524/.527

The article provides information about the availability of cultivars of forage grasses in the central regions of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: gramineous grasses, cultivar, region.

Perepravo N. I., Zolotarev V. N., Ryabov V. E., Karpin V. I., Lebedeva N. N., Trukhan O. V. Historical aspects and current perspectives of forage grasses’ seed production


УДК: 633.2/.3 : 631.531

Th e historical experience of forage grasses’ seed production shows that its effi cient operation in the country is impossible without the restoration of the organizational structure that takes into account the agro-ecological specialization of seed production in the most favorable climatic zones for the crops, and works on the basis of modern methods and technologies.

Keywords: grasses, seed production.

Zolotarev V. N. Efficacy of mowing seed crops of tetraploid annual ryegrass


УДК: 633.263 : 631.531/.5

The article presents the results of studying the possibility of mowing the seed grass sward and obtaining a yield of seeds in the second mowing.

Keywords: annual ryegrass, mowing, productivity, seeds.

Regional forage production

Ivanov I. S., Shathsky I. M., Novikova I. A., Ponomarenko A. V., Saprykina N. V. Results of breeding perennial grasses at the Voronezh experimental station


УДК: 633.2/.3 : 631.527

The article presents the main results of breeding the perennial grasses varieties with phytocenotic stability and compatibility for multi-species plantings in the fl oodplains and fields of the steppe lands of Central Chernozem region.

Keywords: perennial grasses, grass mixture, breeding.

Anisimov A. A., Logutov A. V. The experience of applying the multienzyme preparation Fercon mixed with the bacterial agent Biosib for alfalfa preservation


УДК: 636.085.52

Careful observance of technology of fodder, the introduction of scientific achievements and advanced experience are the components of the success of the federal state agricultural enterprise «Poyma» RAAS.

Keywords: animal husbandry, alfalfa, Fercon, Biosib.

Yan V. P., Ivshin G. I., Mikhalev V. E., Yan L. V., Dokudovskaya N. A.The contribution of the Moscow breeding station to solving the urgent problems of forage production


УДК: 633.2/.3 : 631.5 (09

The article presents the main results of the research at the Moscow breeding station which are still of interest in the modern conditions.

Keywords: forage crops, agricultural technology, crop rotation.

Ulanov А. N., Zhuravleva E. L., Shelmenkina H. H. Restoration of degraded wetland ecosystems of southern taiga in the European North-East of Russia


УДК: 633.2.

The article presents the results of a 20-year research on the regeneration of damaged wetland ecosystems. Th e factors which influence the processes of natural overgrowing of depleted peatlands are identified.

Keywords: wetland ecosystems, groundwater level, grass-shrub-tree vegetation, mineral fertilizer, the residual peat layer thickness.

Kovshova V. N. Role of the mineral fertilizer in changing the fertility of a low-lying worked-out peatbog


УДК: 633.2.031

The influence of different modes of mineral fertilization of a permanent cereal hayfield on changing the soil fertility of a low-lying worked-out peatbog is shown together with the rates of organic material turf accumulation.

Keywords: soil fertility, organic material, mineral fertilizers, low-lying worked-out peatbog.


Shevtsov A. V., Zotov A. A. Technical digression of meadows


УДК: 631. 53.024

The article presents the results of studying the effect of technical digression on the agro-physical properties of meadow soils in the central region of Russian forest zone.

Keywords: correlative dependence, humidity, density, soil aeration, pressure propulsion of agricultural equipment, carrying capacity of grassland turf.

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