General questions of forage production

Eliseyev A. G., Shakirova G. M. Analysis of animal husbandry in the Russian Federation


УДК: 636.03

The general industrial trend in the Russian Federation livestock is the increase of livestock and poultry production while reducing the number of cattle and milk production amounts. All the figures are increasing for the individual farms, but due to their small scale production, it does not affect the general background.

Keywords: meat cattle and poultry production, livestock population, milk production, profitability.

Meadow and field forage production

Volovik V. T., Pampura V. D. Winter rapeseed ‘Severyanin’ productivity at different levels of nitrogen nutrition


УДК: 633.853.494: 631.816

The article presents the results of studying the productivity of winter rapeseed cultivar Severyanin at different levels and terms of nitrogen fertilization on sod-podzolic soil.

Keywords: winter rapeseed, nitrogen fertilization level, seed productivity.

Esedullayev S. T., Shmeleva N. V. Efficiency of Galega orientalis as a forecrop for cereals and industrial crops, and its infl uence on soil fertility


УДК: 633.374:631.582:631.

The article presents the results of an extensive study of the Galega orientalis influence on the fertility of sod-podzolic soils, and its aft ereffect on the productivity of cereals and industrial crops in the crop rotation link.

Keywords: Galega orientalis, fertility, aft ereffect, crop rotation link, cereals and industrial crops, productivity.

Dronova T. N., Burtseva N. I., Molokantseva E. I., Golovatyuk O. V.Galega orientalis as a valuable fodder crop for irrigation farming in the Lower Volga region


УДК: 633.37:631.67(470.4)

The high efficiency of eastern goat’s rue as a nontraditional protein crop is shown for the regional fodder production. Th e main productivity features are studied for several cultivars. A comparative analysis was conducted using the blue-flowered alfalfa variety ‘Nadezhda’.

Keywords: Galega orientalis, varieties, sward thinning, productivity, chemical and amino acid composition of the biomass.

Izmestyev V. M., Kuklina R. E. The efficiency of using perennial legume/grass mixtures in the fi eld fodder production of the Non-Chernozem zone of the Mari-El Republic


УДК: 631.153.3; 633.2

The article describes the results of studying the influence of saturating short crop rotations with perennial legume/ grass mixtures and mineral fertilization on their productivity. Th e most high-yielding and both economically and energy efficient rotations are pointed out.

Keywords: fodder crop rotation, perennial legume/ grass mixtures, Galega orientalis, bromegrass, mineral fertilizers, profi tability level, energy efficiency coefficient of a crop rotation.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Emelyanov A.G., Sivtseva E.H. Using interspecifi c hybrids in alfalfa breeding


УДК: 633.31: 631.527.5 (5

The article presents the results of alfalfa breeding using interspecifi c hybrids and polycross in Central Yakutia.

Keywords: alfalfa, hybrid, productivity.

Regional forage production

Kashevarov N. I., Polischuk A. A., Ilyin V. S., Kashevarova N. N. The productivity of maize hybrid ‘Obskiy’ 140 SR, depending on management methods in the foreststeppe of Western Siberia


УДК: 633.15:631.5

The article presents the results of optimizing the agricultural techniques for cultivating early-maturing maize hybrid ‘Obskiy’ 140 SR (FAO 140-150) for silage and grain forage.

Keywords: maize, agricultural technique, productivity.

Danilov V. P., Shtraub A. A., Potseluyev O. M. On the cultivation technology of spring rapeseed in the forest-steppe of West Siberia


УДК: 633.853.494: 631.5

The article presents the results of developing the essential elements of high-quality technology for the varieties of spring oilseed rape. Th e varieties originate from the Siberian Research Institute of Fodders in the forest-steppe zone of West Siberia.

Keywords: spring rapeseed, variety, time and method of sowing, seeding rate, preceding crop.

Panakhyd G. Ya., Kotyash U. A., Yarmoluk M. T. The effect of fertilizers on plant biodiversity and productivity of perennial grasslands in the Western forest-steppe of the Ukraine


УДК: 633.2.031:631.816.2

The article presents the results of studying the effect of fertilizers and usage of meadow grass stands on their biodiversity and productivity. The biological potential of perennial grasslands allows obtaining 12.38 t ha-1 of dry matter on the 38th year of usage under optimal fertilization (N150R60K90) and three-cut use.

Keywords: sward, biodiversity, fertilizer, botanical composition.

Zhazylbekov N. A., Alimayev I. I., Musabayev B. I, Rashitan A., Abilov B. T. Current status and prospects of forage production in the Republic of Kazakhstan


УДК: 633.2.03:636.084.2 (

The article analyses the current status of feed production and the directions of its further development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Keywords: pasture, productivity, feed ration.


Ivanov Yu. A., Skorkin V. K. Modern mechanized technologies for the stalked forages laying-in


УДК: 631.171

The article gives a short review of the modern mechanized technologies for laying-in such forages as hay, haylage and silage. It also provides information on the economic effectiveness of the technologies. Th e authors suggest using it to use it to decrease forage costs part in the general cost structure of animal husbandry products.

Keywords: forage production, harvesting complex, roughage, silage, running costs, labor costs, animal husbandry production cost.


Kosolapov V. M., Trofi mov I. A. A new textbook on crop production


УДК: 633/635(075.8)

A new textbook on crop production is published by the corresponding member of the RAAS V.V. Kolomeychenko.

Keywords: crop production, field crops, cereals, legumes, technical crops, cucurbits crops, fodder crops.

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