General questions of forage production

Kolomeychenko V. V. More attention to the natural hayfields and pastures!


The best practices of agricultural cooperation «Kilachevsky» in creating a solid forage base


Meadow and field forage production

Golovnya A. I., Razumeyko N. I. Comparative fodder productivity of legumes and their mixtures with grasses in extreme weather conditions


УДК: 633.37.631.

The research was carried out on sod-podzolic sandy loam type of soil in the Kaluga region. Th is article presents the data on productivity and feed quality of Trifolium pratense, Medicago varia, and Galega orientalis in pure (one species) sowings and grass mixtures with Phleum pratense and Festuca pratensis under different ways of sowing.

Keywords: Trifolium pratense, Medicago varia, Galega orientalis, grass mixtures, productivity, crude protein yield.

Shevchenko V. A., Prosviryak P. N. Productivity of mixed crops of cereals and legumes, depending on their share in the seeding rate


УДК: 633.1/.3:631.559

The article presents the results of studying the productivity of mixed crops of cereals and legumes with different proportion of their seeds in the seeding rate.

Keywords: grains and legumes, mixed sowing, seeding rate, crop productivity.

Gorkovenko L. G., Bedilo N. A., Rieger A. N. Eff ective use of starting doses of nitrogen fertilizers on the alfalfa fi elds


УДК: 633.31:631.84

Application of starting doses of nitrogen before planting and during the spring regrowth were studied on the herbage of changeable alfalfa on its second and third years of life. It is shown that application of nitrogen up to 60 kg per 1 ha promotes herbage formation in the year of sowing, it does not suppress the formation of nodule bacteria and enhances the general productivity.

Keywords: changeable alfalfa, nitrogen, nodules, herbage, productivity.

Growing sorghum for silage and green fodder


Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Osipova G. M., Poznakhareva O. A. On the use of diallel crosses in spring rape breeding


УДК: 633.853.494: 631.527

The article presents the results of using diallel crosses to create a promising breeding material of spring rape in the forest steppe of Siberia.

Keywords: spring rape, diallel crosses.

Shofman L. I., Murashko V. N. Sown grass productivity depending on the ratios of diff erent species in the seed mixture


УДК: 633.2.038/.3:631.559

The article presents the results of studying cenotical activity of grasses and herbage productivity depending on the ratio of their seeds in the seeding rate.

Keywords: species, seeding rate, compatibility, productivity.

Zekić N., Simić A., Vučković S. Eff ect of storage time on bird’s foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) seed quality


Th e commercial bird’s foot trefoil seed (Lotus corniculatus L.) is oft en stored for two or more years. As commercial seed is most oft en kept under uncontrolled conditions, the aim of our researches was to determine seed variability after 2, 5 and 10 years of storage. Th e research was conducted with three recognized Serbian bird’s foot trefoil cultivars which were harvested and stored in 1994. Th e years of storage had signifi cant eff ect on the proportion of germinated, dead and hard seeds. Under uncontrolled conditions the proportion of hard seeds decreased with the storage time and maintained the seed usable for commercial purposes (50 %) until the fi ve year of storage. Th e used cultivars showed significant differences in germination and proportion of hard seeds during the storage time. Bl-17 cultivar had the highest germination after ten years of storage and the lowest proportion of hard seeds. Th e results indicate that the proportion of hard seeds is a cultivar trait which is related to the length of seeds’ viability.

Regional forage production

Kadorkina V. F., Kyzyngasheva T. P., Vasilyeva O. M. Peculiarities of cultivating fodder crops in diff erent soil zones of Khakassia


УДК: 633.2/.3:631.559

The results of studies on the cultivation of fodder crops in Khakassia are presented.

Keywords: forage crops, productivity.

Nasiyev B. N. Comparative productivity of forage crops in mixed crops in West Kazakhstan


УДК: 633.31.37

In the zone of dry steppes, agro-phytocenoses of chickpeas with Sudan grass and barley provide sustainable harvesting high-protein weight grass. Th e maximum accumulation of digestible protein in the biomass was allocated by the mixture of chickpeas with barley (4.6 t / ha) and Sudan grass (6.5 t / ha). Th e total yield of digestible protein obtained from chickpea with cereal crops was significantly higher than the regular norms, it amounted to 125–152 gr. per 1 kg.

Keywords: diversifi cation, mixed crops, agro-phytocenoses, productivity, photosynthetic activity, fodder crops


Sokolov A. V., Zamana S. P., Patlai V. V. Fedorovsky T. G., Kindsfater V. Y. Improving the technological process and means for direct undersowing into grassland sod of natural fodder lands


УДК: 631.33.024

The article presents the results of working out of effective ways of undersowing seeds of grasses into grassland sod. Th e comparative analysis of performance quality of this technological process is done for active and passive working mechanisms. Th e technological parameters and working features of grass seeders SDK-2,8 and STS-2.1 are specified.

Keywords: fodder lands, strip technology of grasses’ undersowing, legume-grass mixes, grassland sod and mulcher seeders, metering device, distributor, power inputs, fodder lands efficiency, technological conditions and equipment parameters.

The bookshelf

Kosolapov V. M., Trofi mov I. A., Trofi mova L. S., Yakovleva E. P. The outstanding Russian scientist — Vasiliy Robertovich Williams


УДК: 577.4; 633.2

A new book is published: “Th e history of science. V. R. Williams” / V. M. Kosolapov, I. A. Trofi mov, L. S. Trofi mova, E. P. Yakovleva — Russian Agricultural Academy, 2011. — 76.

Keywords: fodder production, biology, soil science, grassland science, crop production, agriculture, agronomy, geography, agricultural landscapes.

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