General questions of forage production

Kosolapov V. M., Trofi mov I. A. The All-Russian Williams Fodder Research Institute: the main results of 2012


УДК: 577.4 : 633.2

The article presents the main results of the research carried out by the Institute in 2012 in accordance with the Plan of fundamental and applied research priorities for Russian Agricultural Academy, aimed at scientific support of the agricultural complex of Russian Federation in 2011-2015.

Keywords: forage production, grassland management, field forage production, forage crops breeding and seed production, fodder conservation and storage, grain forage.

Meadow and field forage production

Zotov A. A., Shevtsov A. V. Sown hayfi leds’ feed nutritiveness dependent on the establishment method in the Non-Chernozem zone


УДК: 33.2.031

It is found that on drained peat soils the establishment agricultural technology as well as the equipment’s pressure on the turf, and the environmental conditions have a strong influence on the botanical composition and forage quality of the grassland agrophytocenoses.

Keywords: hayfields, pastures, peat soil, sod, agricultural technology.

Lazarev N. N., Shibukov A. A., Zubkov F. V. Methods of creating sown meadows on couch grass fallow lands


УДК: 631.611; 633.2/.3.03

Different methods of creating sown meadows on couch grass fallow lands using moldboard plowing, surface tillage and herbicides, were studied.

Keywords: fallow lands, tillage, herbicides, botanical composition, productivity.

Votyakov A. O., Petruk V. A. Productivity of perennial grasses dependent on the diff erent cover crop in Novosibirsk region


УДК: 633.2/.3:631.559 (57

The article presents the results of studying the effect of different cover crops on the productivity of the most prevalent perennial crops in the region.

Keywords: perennial grasses, cover crops, productivity.

Hramoy V. K., Ivasyuk E. V., Ivasyuk N. M. Medicago varia productivity in pure and mixed stands at two and three cuts’ regime


УДК: 633.31

It is prove that alfalfa stands and its mixtures with grasses on sod-podzolic sandy loam are 7.6-26.3 % more productive being cut twice than thrice. A pure stand exceeded the mixtures in crude protein yield by 10.7-28.2 %.

Keywords: Medicago varia, alfalfa/grass mixtures, productivity, protein.

Gorchakova A. Yu. Boreal grasses regrowth dependent on the defoliation height


УДК: 633.2:631.552

The article presents the results of studying the regrowth of boreal grasses dependent on the defoliation at different height.

Keywords: grasses, grass cutting height, tillers’ regrowth.

Shitikova A. V., Chernykh A. S. Eff ectiveness of additional nitrogen fertilization on potato in Moscow region


УДК: 635.21:631.84(470.31

The article considers the peculiarities of growth, development and productivity of medium early potato varieties Nevsky under different levels of mineral nutrition in the conditions of Moscow region.

Keywords: potato, productivity, nitrogen fertilizers, nitrates, tubers.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Shamsutdinova E. Z. Germinative ability of fodder halophytes harvested at diff erent dates


УДК: 633.39:631.53.011.2

The article presents the results of studying the germinative ability of fodder halophytes dependent on the harvesting dates.

Keywords: halophytes, seeds, harvesting date, germinative ability.

Shamsutdinova E. Z. Germinative ability and productivity of Kochia prostrata dependent on the sown seeds’ size


УДК: 633.39:631.53.011.2/

The article presents the results of studying the interrelation of Kochia prostrata seed size with its germinative ability and plant development and productivity.

Keywords: Kochia prostrata, seeds, germinative ability, plant productivity.

Nidyulin V. N., Starshinova O. A. Fodder productivity of Kochia prostrata in arid conditions of the Caspian region


УДК: 633.39:631.559

The article presents the results of studying the samples of Kochia prostrata in the semi-desert in the Caspian region.

Keywords: Kochia prostrata, fodder and seed pro ductivity.

Regional forage production

Goloborod’ko S. P., Sakhno G. V., Tischenko A. V. Advanced technology for alfalfa seed production in the south of Ukraine


УДК: 633.31:631.53.01 (47

The article presents the main factors controlling the alfalfa seed yield formation in the south of Ukraine, as well as the energy costs of growing and harvesting.

Keywords: alfalfa, seeds, variety, productivity, cultivation technology.

Gratilo A. D., Petrichuk L. I. Sugar sorghum in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine


УДК: 633.174.1.(477)

The article presents the results of studying the competitive crops for a secure green mass production in the arid region of Ukraine.

Keywords: sugar sorghum, silage crops, productivity.

Blagorazumova M. V., Shamsutdinov Z. S., Starshinova O. A., Shamsutdinov N. Z., Tsagan-Mandjiev N. L., Enh-Amgalan S. Oasis irrigated forage production as a priority direction in sustainable development of Mongolian pastures


УДК: 631:52:633.2/4

It is shown that in the arid steppe of the Middle Gobi aimak in Mongolia it is definitely possible to produce over 10–15 t/ha of hay on the lands irrigated with subsoil waters. This allows establishing secure fodder stock high in protein and energy, for animal feeding in the critical periods of grazing.

Keywords: sustainable development, pastures, Mongolia, oasis irrigated fodder production, subsoil waters.

Agladze G. D., Sarjveladze I. V., Tchabukiani M. I. On the improvement and rational use of hayfi elds in the central part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range


УДК: 632.085

The natural grasslands of Georgia give over 80 % of all fodders produced in the country, but their productivity is low, resulting in winter shortage of forage. Th e problem is particularly acute for the areas located near the Greater Caucasus Range. Th e paper shows that one of the effective means of increasing the yield and nutritive value of hay produced from them, is rational fertilization. Th e schemes of fertilizing and grasslands’ rotation pattern are given for the lands of varying quality.

Keywords: natural hayfields, improvement and rational use of hayfields, fertilization, grasslands’ rotation.


Tyshkievich E. V., Shabin S. A., Vinogradova N. L. Defl ector dryer for cut grasses


УДК: 631.243.23

The article presents an original design of deflection dryer for hay, straw, herbs, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, legumes, forage crops and other agricultural products.

Keywords: defl ector dryer, green mass, hay.

The bookshelf1

Zotov A. A., Kosolapov V. M., Kutuzova A. A., Teberdiev D. M.Resource-saving improvement technologies for hayfi elds and pastures in the Central Black Soil region


УДК: 633.2.03

The All-Russian Williams Fodder Research Institute has edited and published a new practical manual “Resource saving improvement technologies for hayfields and pastures in the Central Black Soil region”. Th e manual covers the main areas of the Central Black Soil region — forest- steppe and steppe. It consistently presents all the methods of increasing the yield and quality of forage on the old sown or natural hayfields and pastures.

Keywords: Central Black Soil region, hayfields, pastures, improvement technology, fodder production.

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