General questions of forage production

Klykov A. G. The main results of the Young Scientists’ and Specialists’ Council of the Far Eastern Regional Scientifi c Centre of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences


УДК: 061.213:001:63

The article analyzes the work of the Young Scientists’ and Specialists’ Council of the Far Eastern Regional Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It also shows the achievements and participation of the young employees in scientific and social projects, and grants.

Keywords: the Young Scientists’ Council, conference, project.

Meadow and field forage production

Ivanova E. P., Emelyanov A. N. Eff ect of sowing methods on the productivity of alfalfa for a long-term use in Primorye


УДК: 633.31: 631.53.04 :

Alfalfa growth is the most inhibited under cover of annual ryegrass, the effect persists in the second year of life of alfalfa. Spring barley affects alfalfa less. Coverless sowing of alfalfa is more productive, but it is possible only on the weedless fields. Since the second year of life alfalfa is capable of forming highly productive stands giving up to 40–50 t/ha and more green mass of high nutritional value.

Keywords: variable alfalfa, cover crops, crop yield, green mass, dry mass, years of life.

Skalozub O. M. Eff ect of introducing white sweet clover into long-term grass mixture


УДК: 633.366:631.5

Including of white sweet clover in alfalfa/brome grass mixture affects the sward’s botanical composition, its green mass yield and energy efficiency. During the first year of use white sweet clover increases the productivity of green mass by 5.9 t / ha and the content of legume component by 21%.

Keywords: white sweet clover, brome grass, alfalfa, grass mixture, green mass yield, energy efficiency.

Reshetnikov E. D. Creating productive agrophytocenosis based on goat’s rue and gramineous grasses


УДК: 633.2/.37 (571.64)

The results of studies of productivity and energy value of mixed crops galega with grasses herbs.

Keywords: goat’s rue, grasses, mixed crop, yield, feeding value.

Slobodyanik T. M. Spring rape and oil radish in cut crops


УДК: 633.39: 582.683.2:63

The article presents the results of studying the use of spring rape and oil radish in cut crops.

Keywords: spring rape, oil radish, sowing time, productivity.

Naumova T. V., Emelyanov A. N. Productivity of sorghum, dependent on cultivation


УДК: 633.174.1: 631.5 (57

The article presents the results of studying the cultivation of sugar sorghum Kinelskoye 3 at diff erent seeding rates and row spacing in the Primorye Territory.

Keywords: sugar sorghum, seeding rate, method of sowing, productivity.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Strujkina T. M., Ivaschenko N. N. Eff ectivity of nitrogen-fi xating microorganisms on goat’s-rue crops


УДК: 633.37: 631.847.21

The article presents the results of assessing the efficiency of different strains of nitrogen fi xators at inoculating goat’s-rue seeds.

Keywords: goat’s-rue, nitrogen fi xation, productivity.

Voloshina T. A., Emelyanov A. N. Environmental assessment of oats varieties in Primorye


УДК: 633.13: 631.524.85 (

The article presents the results of assessing the environmental parameters of oats varieties for grain yield.

Keywords: oats, variety, grain yield.

Shevtsova A. A., Menshenina I. Y., Stanishevskiy M. A. Results of evaluating maize varieties and hybrids in the Amur region


УДК: 633.15:631.526/.559(

The article presents the results of a comprehensive study of maize samples from the VIR world collection as well as the local ones in the Middle Amur region.

Keywords: maize, sample, hybrid, agricultural tech nology, productivity.

Chaika A. K., Kraskovskaya N. A., Bojko O. V. The effect of inbreeding on maize productivity


УДК: 633.15:631.527.51

The article presents the results of studying self-pollinated maize lines obtained from the samples with different length of vegetation period.

Keywords: maize, inbreeding, productivity.

Yudina M. T. Experience of introducing local grass species into culture in the Magadan region


УДК: 633.2/.3 (571.65)

The article presents the results of studying local grass species for grassland fodder production.

Keywords: introduction, local grass species, productivity.

Regional forage production

Sinegovskaya V. T., Slobodyanik T. M. Cultivation of fodder crops in the Amur region: results and perspectives


УДК: 633, 2.2 (571. 61)

The article presents the results on the development of methods of cultivating soybean, oats, paisa, Sudanese grass, summer rape, Amaranthus (L), oil radish, corn, sorghum and sorghum-Sudan hybrids, Onobrychis arenaria (L.) for fodder in green conveyor and raw material’ production line, as well as for seed production.

Keywords: fodder crops, productivity, fodder unit, nutritious value.

Ivanova O. G. Methods of improving the natural surface grasslands in the far North- East


УДК: 631.5:633.2(571.65)

A significant increase of the natural grasslands’ and pastures’ productivity in the far North-East is possible due to the surface improvements, including mineral fertilization and liming.

Keywords: grassland, herbage, liming, fertilizing, the Magadan region.

Aseyeva T. A., Smoliakova I. P. Infl uence of mineral nutrition conditions on the productivity of perennial grasses and soil fertility of heavy loams in the Middle Amur region


УДК: 633.21631.82+631.4ДВ

The article presents the results of a long-term research which it showed the influence of the different mineral fertilization systems, types and doses on the green mass and hay yields of meadow foxtail and timothy hay, as well as on some fertility indicators of heavy loams under these crops in the Khabarovsk region.

Keywords: meadow foxtail, timothy, mineral fertilizers, green mass yield, hay yield.

Telichko O. N. The prospects for using annual ryegrass in Primorsky Krai


УДК: 633.263:631.5(571.63

The presented results show the possibility of increasing the yield of green mass and feed quality via inclusion of annual ryegrass and field peas into the traditional oats and vetch mixture. Th e productivity of three-and four-component mixtures with annual ryegrass was increased.

Keywords: annual ryegrass, grass mixtures, productivity, nutrition value.

Chuvilina V. A. Productivity and nutritional value of forage from spring rape phytocenoses in the monsoon climate of Sakhalin


УДК: 633.2 (571.64)

A comparative assessment of productivity, nutrient and energy value of forage is given for annual plant communities with spring rape, dependent on the mixtures’ composition and harvesting time (main phases of plant growth and development).

Keywords: annual plant communities, spring rape, spring vetch, oats, forage productivity, nutritional value.


Strujkina T. M., Cheburin S. P. Reserve for increasing the efficacy of fodder mixtures’ preparation and distribution


УДК: 631. 363. 7. 001. 4.

The article presents exploitation and technological assessment of industrial testing the fodder preparation machine IRK-011.

Keywords: fodder mixture, haylage in package, distribution, efficiency.

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