General questions of forage production

Laretin N. A., Chirkov E. P. On building up a complex program of developing the forage production


УДК: 631.15: 65.011

The principal approaches to forming the complex programs of the forage production development are viewed considering the natural and economic factors.

Keywords: forage production, program, development.

Shpakov A. S. V. R. Williams: the founder of landscape farming systems and fodder production (to the 150th birthday anniversary)


The paper considers the scientific contribution of an outstanding Russian scientist Vasily R. Williams to substantiating the landscape farming systems and feeding area, based on a focused natural processes management.

Keywords: agricultural ecosystem, farming system, geologic and biological cycles, perennial grasses, forage plants, feeding area.

Meadow and field forage production

Lazarev N. N., Starodubtseva A. M., Pyatinsky D. V. Productivity of alfalfa (Medicago varia Martyn.) in single-species crops and mixtures with legumes and grasses


УДК: 633.31+633.32

In dry conditions single-species alfalfa crops exceed the grass and alfalfa-grass mixtures by 94,1 and 10,7–28,4 % respectively. One and two-year-old clover-grass and alfalfagrass mixtures were more productive than alfalfa mixtures with bird’s-foot trefoil and single-species stands of alfalfa.

Keywords: alfalfa, red clover, bird’s-foot trefoil, grass mixture, yield.

Gataulina G. G., Sokolova S. S. Wet and dry matter accumulation and seed productivity of narrow-leafed lupin, soybean and faba bean in the Central Non-Сhernozem zone of Russia


УДК: 633.31:631.37

A comparative study of the length of vegetation and the interphase periods, wet and dry matter accumulation, seed and protein yield was carried out on narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus agustifolius L.) cv. Сrystal, soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) cv. Mageva and faba bean (Vicia faba L.) cv. Maria. Th e fi eld experiment has been conducted for fi ve years at the Field Experimental Station of RSAU-MTAA. Th e variability of these parameters is shown as dependent on the species and cultivars together with different weather conditions of the vegetation period.

Keywords: narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius); soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.); faba bean (Vicia faba L.); wet and dry matter accumulation, seed productivity, protein yield.

Kosolapova V. G., Fedorina A. I. Assessing the quality of eastern goat’s-rue by the content of structural carbohydrates in the green mass


УДК: 633.37:636.085.15

The data on assessing quality of green mass of eastern goat’s-rue is presented for different stages of vegetation, based on the neutral and acid detergent fibre content.

Keywords: eastern goat’s-rue, green mass, structural carbohydrates.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Telichko O. N., Mokhan O. V. The results of assessing the collection of the common vetch samples in the Primorye Territory


УДК: 633.352.1:631.526.3

The results of assessing the collection of the common vetch samples in the Primorye Territory are presented.

Keywords: common vetch, sample, productivity.

Komarov N. M., Dridiger V. K., Dyachenko N. E., Zobnina N. L., Dridiger V. V., Kazachkov S. A. Awnless winter barley cultivar


УДК: 633.161: 631.526.32

The new cultivar of winter barley ‘Espada’ has been characterized.

Keywords: winter ba Колосья (а) и растение (б) ячменя сорта Эспада rley, cultivar, productivity.

Zaytseva L. I., Jujukin V. I., Zaytsev S. A. Biochemical composition of chickling vetch seeds and green mass


УДК: 633.37:631.524.6

The article presents the results of a biochemical analysis of seeds and green mass of chickling vetch samples.

Keywords: chickling vetch, seeds, green mass, biochemical composition.

Regional forage production

Abramova A. F. Assessment of the minor forage crops in the Northern Trans-Urals


УДК: 633.39

The article presents the results of assessing minor forage crops in the Northern Trans-Urals by their green mass yield, its biochemical composition and other industrial traits.

Keywords: forage crops, industrial and biological traits.

Emelyanov A. N., Kraskovskaya N. A. Ecological assessment of maize hybrids in the Primorsky krai


УДК: 633.15:631.526 (571.

The article presents the results of assessing maize hybrids for productivity and grain harvesting moisture. The effectiveness of the crop cultivation is evaluated for the Primorsky krai.

Keywords: maize, hybrids, productivity, the grain harvesting moisture.


Safonov V. V., Kudryavtsev A. V. Energy-efficient method of improving natural forage lands


УДК: 631.3

A new method of improving tussock meadows is developed. Th e results of the field and farm testing of the pasture land machine for tussock and sod chopping and overgrassing are presented.

Keywords: tussock, forage lands, improvement method, work tool, design parameters and technological characteristics, a pasture land machine, energy consumption.


Drincha V. M. Modern technologies and machinery for winter under-seeding on grasslands


Drincha V. M. Methods of grassland improvement


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