General questions of forage production

Kosolapov V. M., Kostenko S. I., Trofi mov I. A. Attention to perennial grasses’ breeding and seed production


УДК: 633.:631.

The paper analyzes the results of the 4th International scientific conference on forage production, dedicated to the memory of B. P. Mihailichenko, and the All-Russian Conference on breeding and seed production of perennial grasses. Th e event, held in August in the All-Russian Williams Fodder Research Institute, was attended by the scientists from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Keywords: feed production, perennial grasses, biology, breeding, seed production, new varieties.

Laretin N. A. Economic research in the Institute of Forages: history and reality


УДК: 633.2 : 63.061.6: 33

The paper presents the main stages of the economic research in the Institute of Forages (1922–2012), and analyzes the achieved results. Further ways of development are drawn for the economic science to solve the important problems in feed production and animal husbandry.

Keywords: fodder, grassland studies, fodder supply, animal husbandry, science, research, economy, efficiency.

Meadow and field forage production

Karakchieva E. F., Belyaeva R. A. Highly productive perennial grass mixtures for fi eld forage production in northern Russia


УДК: 633.2/.3 : 631.559

The legume-grass mixtures for perennial usage, which are non-traditional for the northern areas, were studied.

Keywords: grass mixture, productivity, longevity.

Zelenskiy V. M. Gramineous grasses at the biological reclamation in the Taimyr tundra


УДК: 633.2.21/28:502.654(

Using grass mixtures and mineral ground fertilization for biological recultivation contributed to a better survival of the plants, creating a dense sward capable to resist water and wind erosion.

Keywords: North of the Yenisei, biological reclamation, grass mixture, Elymus sibiricus L., Bromopsis inermis L., Festuca rubra L., Poa pratensis L.

Gorlov I. F., Kononov V. M., Shevyakhova E. A. No alternative for sorghum crops in the Lower Volga region


УДК: 633.17

It is proved that it is impossible to reduce the impact of severe repeating droughts on the agriculture of the Lower Volga region, without broad implementation of sorghum crops.

Keywords: the Lower Volga region, drought, sugar and grain sorghum, Sudanese grass.

Samsonova I. D. Nectariferous resources in the Don steppes


УДК: 638.132.6

The article presents the results of studying the species composition of the nectariferous forbs in plant communities of the Don steppe.

Keywords: phytocenosis, honey plants, blooming.

Yurkov A. P., Stepanova G. V., Yakobi L. M., Kozhemyakov A. P., Sergaliev N. H., Amenova R. K., Djaparov R. S., Volodin M. A., Tlepov A. S., Baymukanov E. N. Productivity of spring and winter wheat in drought conditions dependent on the application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices


УДК: 633.11 + 579.64 + 63

The influence of inoculation spring and winter wheat with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices on plant productivity was studied. Th e mycosymbiont significantly stimulates wheat growth under soil water deficit. Undersowing black medic (Medicago lupulina) increased the yield of winter wheat.

Keywords: wheat, black medic, arbuscular mycorrhiza, Glomus intraradices, symbiosis efficiency, water deficit

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Tischenko E. D., Tischenko A. V., Nizhegolenko V. M. On the correlation of traits in alfalfa


УДК: 633.31: 631.524.5 (8

The article reveals the interrelationship of quantitative traits in different species of alfalfa. A morphological feature closely linked to the formation of above-ground and root mass is shown.

Keywords: alfalfa, root diameter, productivity, correlation.

Lazarev N. N., Sadovskiy A. N., Potapov A. A. Productivity of alfalfa (Medicago spp. L.) cultivars on sod-podzolic soil in the Moscow region


УДК: 633.31:631.559

A comparative study of Russian and Dutch varieties of alfalfa was conducted on well cultivated sod-podzolic soil.

Keywords: alfalfa, cultivar, productivity.

Piskovatskiy Yu. M. Alfalfa for multi-species agrophytocenosis


УДК: 633.31: 631.524

The article presents the main results of breeding alfalfa varieties for multi-species agricultural plant communities.

Keywords: breeding, variety, grass mixture, hybrid, productivity.

Volodina I. A., Abramenko I. S., Lapina M. S., Kazarin V. F. Evaluation of alfalfa samples for productivity in the forest-steppe of the Middle Volga


УДК: 633.31:631.524.84(47

The breeding samples of alfalfa were studied for the quantity of dry matter yield.

Keywords: alfalfa, dry matter, productivity.

Doev D. N., Hekilaev Ts. A. Grain yield and quality of winter barley varieties in diff erent growing conditions


УДК: 633.162«324»:631.559

The article presents the results of a long-term study of winter barley varieties in diff erent natural zones of the Central Fore-Caucasus.

Keywords: winter barley, variety, fertilizer, productivity.

Regional forage production

Sitnikov N. P. The problems of sustainable development of the fodder production agroindustrial complex of the Kirov region


УДК: 663.2; 65.325.157

The stability of the agro-industrial complex of the Kirov region is largely determined by functioning of animal husbandry as the main branch of agriculture in the region, the activities of which currently depend on the sustainable development of fodder production. Th e development of fodder production is possible with the elimination of its basic problems through the use of scientific achievements, implementation of new innovative technologies, improving all the system elements of fodder production.

Keywords: agro-industrial complex of the Kirov region, fodder production, fodder production industry structure, quality of forages, modern technologies, organizationaleconomic mechanism.

Vozhegova R. A., Lavrinenko Yu. A., Kokovikhin S. V., Pisarenko P. V.Maize cultivation in southern Ukraine


УДК: 633.15: 631.526.325/

The advantages and disadvantages of corn hybrids of different FAO groups under irrigation conditions are discussed.

Keywords: maize, hybrid, productivity, irrigation.

Ashirbekov M. J. Soybean cultivation as a catch crop in the forage fi elds of cotton crop rotation in the Golodnaya Steppe


УДК: 633.34:631.582.558.5

The article presents the data on studying soy cultivation as a forecrop for the cotton regions of South Kazakhstan.

Keywords: Mahtaaral, cotton crop rotation, forage crops, soil fertility, yield.


Drincha V. M. Floor ventilation of grain via semicircular canals


УДК: 631.171

It is proved that fl oor ventilation via semicircular channels can reduce costs for grain drying and storage, as well as improve the quality and reduce the losses.

Keywords: grain, drying, floor ventilation, semicircular channels, efficiency.

The bookshelf

Kosolapov V. M., Kostenko S. I. Handbook on breeding perennial grasses


УДК: 633.2:631.527

Importance and relevance of breeding perennial grasses for adaptive intensification of agriculture is the main theme of a new brochure published by the All-Russian Williams Fodder Research Institute. The guidelines are intended for breeders and seed producers at the research institutions, experimental stations, universities, and the staff of agricultural enterprises.

Keywords: perennial grasses, biology, breeding, seed production, the main diseases.

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