General questions of forage production

Kashevarov N. I., Saprykin V. S., Danilov V. P. Multicomponent mixtures for haylage in addressing the shortage of fodder plant protein


УДК: 633.2/3 : 631.559

The article displays the use of multi-component haylage mixtures in diff erent regions of Siberia. It analyzes their role and importance in the elimination of fodder plant protein defi ciency in the cattle diets. It shows the value of legumes and canola components that enhance the performance of the new advanced methods and techniques of producing vegetable feeds with high protein content. The article also point out the constraints of development and the ways to eliminate them.

Keywords: multi-component (multi-species) haylage and grain-containing haylage mixtures, protein defi ciency, balanced plant fodder, protein concentration.

Shilin V. A., Gerasimova O. A. Improvement of animals’ camping


УДК: 636.03:633.2.03

The article describes the prospects of keeping cows in grazing camps in the summer. It off ers some solutions to the major organizational and technological issues.

Keywords: grazing camp, sheds, no-stress camping, Flight Zone sheds.

Meadow and field forage production

Yemelyanov A. N., Naumova T. V., Khasbiullina O. I. Soybean as a protein resource in mixed fodder crops


УДК: 633. 34: 633. 26/. 2

The article shows the efficiency of using soybean in annual fodder crops, and protein problem-solving in the conditions of monsoon climate of the Southern Far East. The energy efficiency of including leguminous component into the grass mixture is determined.

Keywords: soybean, fodder crops, digestible protein, fodder unit, mixed crop, Sorghum sudanense.

Talanov I. P., Chernova V. A., Huzina G. K. Broad beans: the crop of high capacities


УДК: 633.353: 631.5

The article presents the results of studying the productivity of broad beans under different methods of cultivation.

Keywords: broad beans, sowing method, seeding rate, productivity.

Pigareva N. N., Zhugdurov Z. S. Application of zeolite and samarium-containing micro-fertilizer for increasing the productivity of meadow phytocenoses


УДК: 633.2.032: 631.81.09

The article presents the results of studies on the eff ectiveness of natural zeolite and samarium-containing micro- fertilizer on the permafrost soil of Buryatia for increasing the productivity of its natural meadow phytocenosis.

Keywords: meadow phytocenosis, samarium-containing micro-fertilizer, productivity.

Sitdikov I. G., Nafi kov M. M. Photometry of barley stands under diff erent cultivation methods


УДК: 633.16:631.51.021/.5

The article presents the results on the formation of leaf area and photosynthetic potential of barley under diff erent methods of soil tillage, pesticides application and chemical fertilization.

Keywords: barley, soil tillage, photosynthesis.

Selection and seed growing of fodder crops

Sitnikov N. P. On seed production management on the regional scale


УДК: 633.2/.3:631.53.02/.

The author makes suggestions on the eff ective management of seed production of perennial grasses in the Kirov region.

Keywords: cropping pattern, perennial grasses, organizing seed production.

Emelyanov A. N. The results of crop breeding in Primorye


УДК: 633 : 631.524/.527(5

The article presents some results of studying and breeding field crops’ varieties in the Primorsky Research Institute.

Keywords: breeding, fi eld crops, Primorsky Krai.

Nidyulin V. N. Productivity of Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad. samples in the North- Western Caspian region


УДК: 633.39:582.661:631.5

The article presents the results of studying the feed and seed production of Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad., a xerophilous fodder shrub.

Keywords: Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad., sample, productivity.

Zhikharev S. D., Poma N. G. On the inheritance of plant height and productivity traits in F1 hybrids of winter triticale


УДК: (633.11+633.14):631.

The article presents results of studying the inheritance of plant height and their productivity traits in F1 hybrids of winter triticale.

Keywords: triticale, hybrid, plant height, inheritance.

Regional forage production

Zelenskiy V. M., Losik G. I. Sown tundra hayfi elds in Taimyr


УДК: 633.2.21 / 28 (2117)

The researches show that mixtures of high and low tillering gramineous grasses on tundra meadows of the Far North provide high quality forages.

Keywords: Far North, Poa pratensis L., Festuca rubra L., Elymus sibiricus L., Bromopsis inermis L, Psathyrostachys mutabilis (Drobov) Hyl., sod, productivity, recultivation.

Kurbanov S. A., Nimatulayev N. M., Aliyev K. I. On red clover cultivation technology in the irrigated areas of Dagestan


УДК: 633.321: 631.51.021/

The article presents the results of cultivating red clover at diff erent tillage methods and seeding rates.

Keywords: red clover, seeding rate, the primary tillage, crop yields.


Drincha V. M. Using hammer mills for individual feed production


УДК: 631.171

The article describes the basic principles of effective application of hammer mills in feed production. Their simplicity, durability, and versatility are important technical and technological features of the mechanisms used for grinding grain and plant materials.

Keywords: feed production, hammer mills, grain, plant raw material, effi ciency.

Otroshko S. A. Sampling devices for controlling silo and haylage quality


УДК: 631.171

The designs of sampling devices for silo and haylage in trenches are introduced for objective analysis of the fodders’ quality before feeding.

Keywords: trench, average sample, sampling devices, labour input, layers.

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