• • • Yield and quality of pea under “Fertigreyn” treatment

• • • Yield and quality of pea under “Fertigreyn” treatment

The research on effect evaluation of biopreparations “Fertigreyn” on pea yield, took place on the laboratory “Korma” in 2013–2015. Soil — chernozem, consisted of medium humus and high loam contents, 10.5–12.7 mg hydrolysable nitrogen, 13.0–15.2 mg soluble phosphorus and 31.1–32.4 mg exchange potassium per 100 g soil, pH — 5.8. Experiment included: seed treatment of pea “Flagman-12” by biostimulators: “Noktin”, “Noktin” + “Fertigreyn Start”, “Rizotorfin”, “Rizotorfin” + “Fertigreyn Start” and stand treatment by “Fertigreyn Foliar” on two backgrounds of mineral nutrition (no fertilization and application of N32P32K32). Applying N32P32K32 increased dry matter content up to 434.4 g m-2, compared to 382.7 g m-2 in the reference variant).

Treatment seeds and stands with Biopreparations improved pea productivity. The highest yield of 2.04–2.12 t ha-1 was achieved when treating stands by “Fertigreyn Foliar” at the budding time, on the background of seed treatment with “Rizotorfin” + “Fertigreyn Start” and “Noktin” + “Fertigreyn Start” under fertilization. Yields of feed and protein units made up 2.82–2.96 thousand ha-1 under no fertilization, 3.26–3.09 thousand ha-1 — under fertilization, exchange energy content — 21.76–22.82 and 24.27–23.35 GJ ha-1, respectively. Preparations “Fertigreyn Start”, “Noktin”, “Rizotorfin” and “Fertigreyn Start” had positive effect on pea performance.

Source: https://kormoproizvodstvo.ru/en/9-2017-2/, p. 33

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