• • • The fish symposium at the Waldlandhof

• • • The fish symposium at the Waldlandhof

About 70 interested farmers and persons from public institutions recently took part in the fish symposium at the Waldlandhof.

Innovations are the basis for the successful work at Waldland. In the field of research and development, a team working with alternatives in animal production to provide the woodland member businesses – similar to the special crops income opportunities. The attitude of fish in indoor circulatory systems has been successfully demonstrated since 2013 and has also proven to be practical.

Three plants are in operation in the Waldland, says the association. Particularly noteworthy is the own seedling production with selected parent animals. Waldland is now exporting to several countries catfish juveniles. Waldland is convinced of the potential of fish production in recycling plants and will continue to be intensively involved in this sector, it goes on to say.

Source: https://www.topagrar.at/home/Fisch-Fachtagung-am-Waldlandhof-9436050.html

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