• • • Organic food booms in France, except for cereals

• • • Organic food booms in France, except for cereals

More and more French people are eating organic food. Sales of organic food were worth 8.3 billion euros in 2017, a rise of 17 percent on the previous year, largely thanks to their increased availability in supermarkets.

Organic food is no longer a preserve of the middle classes, with 85 percent of consumers telling a recent opinion poll they think the development of organic farming is important. They can now find it more easily with supermarkets now all stocking organic groceries – sales up 27 percent – and fruit – sales up 22 percent.

That development is not without its problems, however. Some chains sell organic goods at nearly the same price as non-organic, putting pressure on growers whose costs are higher, which may discourage other farmers to convert to green production.

Source: http://en.rfi.fr/20180601-organic-food-booms-france-except-cereals/

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