• • • Novel variety of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) “Prior”

• • • Novel variety of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) “Prior”

Fodder production requires high-productive varieties of perennial legume grasses, tolerant to abiotic, biotic and anthropogenic factors, including acidic and waterlogged soils, in the north of European part of Russia. Breeding red clover aimed at obtaining variety, showing high winter hardiness, green mass yield and stable seed productivity. In 2010 three cycles of competitive variety trial (2008–2010) determined variety “Prior” to be sent to State variety trial.

The variety was developed by Korelina V.A. The diploid mid-season variety was obtained through crossing regional populations and wild forms to be cut once. Period from spring aftergrowing to the first cut makes up 65 days on the average and to seed ripeness — 108 days. Winter hardiness is high and amounts to 95–98%. Green mass yield averages to 41.5 t ha-1. Potential productivity of the variety is 11.0 t ha-1 of dry matter. Dry matter contains 15.6% crude protein and 27.3% crude fiber. Pod spot and root rot affect it moderately. In 2015 variety “Prior” was enlisted to a State Register for Selection Achievements, allowed for cultivation in the North-West regions and in 2016 — in the North region.

Source: https://kormoproizvodstvo.ru/en/archive/7-2017/, p.29

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