• • • Farmers ride fourth industrial revolution

• • • Farmers ride fourth industrial revolution

Current and future issues in agriculture and the technology affecting the value and production of agriculture in WA were highlighted at The University of WA’s (UWA) industry forum.

A total of 220 industry professionals attended the forum, including CSIRO Digiscape Future Science Platform leader Andrew Moore. Dr Moore presented to the audience the idea of agricultural decision-making and the fourth industrial revolution. “We expect the fourth industrial revolution to be the confluence of a set of technologies, including the internet of things, big data, cheap sensors, 3D printing and new bio-technologies, such as gene editing,” he said. “Those technologies together will transform not just production but the social and economic context within which production systems happen.”

Dr Moore said these technologies would result in greater levels of automation, including in the agricultural sector. “Another change from the fourth industrial revolution will be the providers of goods and services who will be able to tailor those goods and services closer to the needs and desires of individuals,” he said.

Source: http://www.farmweekly.com.au/news/agriculture/general/news/farmers-ride-fourth-industrial-revolution/2757622.aspx

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