• • • Farmers abuzz about regenerative farming

• • • Farmers abuzz about regenerative farming

Regenerative farming is a buzz word this year, with the Talkin’ Healthy Soils conference at Dalwallinu focusing on ways to look after soils. The two-day conference focused on the importance of increasing soil fungi and microbes, which can dramatically help improve the uptake of key nutrients, including phosphate (pH) and nitrogen (N).

Case studies were also discussed at the conference with topics such as agricultural practices for the benefit of soil health, results of 15 years of liming and soil testing in the Gabby Quoi Quoi catchment, comparing tillage practices to address non-wetting soils in the Corrigin area, understanding the implications of rotations in a low rainfall zone and putting technology and science to the test to increase nitrogen use efficiency and environmental care.

The 2018 Soil Health champions were announced at the conference. Burracoppin farmer Tony Murfit was named Wheatbelt Soil Health Champion. He’s turned around acidic soils by using soil identification and zoning, variable rate lime and gypsum applications, fallow to control weeds, deep ripping and a cover crop.

Source: http://www.farmweekly.com.au/news/agriculture/cropping/general-news/farmers-abuzz-about-regenerative-farming/2756931.aspx

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