The experience dealt with testing feed symbiotic production technology, based on raw materials, fermented by lactobacteria. Tests gave 10 samples of feed symbiotics for piglets and swines as liquid, concentrated, dry, concentrated immobilized and dry immobilized forms. Symbiotics were analyzed for main probiotic and fodder characteristics.

All samples had high antagonistic activity and resistance to gastric digestion in vitro. Symbiotic nutritional value (calculated as absolute dry matter) differed slightly from that of natural wheat middlings. Values of crude protein, protein and crudefiber were higher for concentrated and dry preparation forms. Liquid and concentrated symbiotics, stored under 2-4 °C, maintained activity for at least 7 or 3 months under 24 or 12 hours of fermentation respectively. Storing temperature of 20-22 °C provided activity of dry preparations for at least 3 months. Experience has shown that activated carbon immobilizatiincreased Lactobacillus caseiactivity under heat dehydration.

Source: http://kormoproizvodstvo.ru/en/archive/3-2017/, p. 34

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