In 2017, the most popular start-up was the track Agro & Medtech, and until February 9, 2018, there will still be a selection of projects for the nomination “Biotechnology and genomics in the agro-industrial complex”.

The largest start-up accelerator GenerationS from RVC in Russia and Eastern Europe sums up the collection of applications. In 2017, 3470 technological entrepreneurs claim to participate in the accelerator. The geography of the projects covers 237 cities from 13 countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia, Belarus, Armenia and others. All projects will undergo an in-depth examination and full-time selection. The best of them will take part in the accelerator, where they will be able to refine the project based on the needs of the market. Following the results of the accelerator, the most promising projects will receive proposals from the partners of GenerationS and venture investors.

Source: Press service of GenerationS;

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