The field experiment took place on the All-Russian Research Institute of Maze in 2005-2015. Intermediate maze variety “Mashuk 355 MV” bred in the Institute performed as the object of study. The experiment tested influence of cultivation technology on green mass productivity. As it turned out there was a significant correlation between these two parameters. Plowing led to higher yield compared to surface tillage. Optimal maze sowing time was April 30. Green mass productivity increased when plant density reached 70-80 thousand ha-1. In 2012-2015 applying N60 before the first spring cultivation on chernozem increased green mass yield by 5.1 t ha-1 on average (12.8%). Combination of seed treatment by 0.3 l t-1 of fertilizer “Gumat kaliya” with plant top dressing by 0.5 l ha-1 improved green mass productivity by 2.8 t ha-1 on average (6.2%) in 2009-2010. Seed treatment by “Gumistim” (5 l t-1) and top dressing at the time of 5 and 8 leaves by 2 l ha-1 increased green mass productivity by 4.3 t ha-1 on average (8.0%) in 2012-2013. Fertilizers “Sivid-Zn”, “Sivid-Kompleks”, “Optim-MIKS”, “Biostim” and “MERS” increased productivity by 19.8-24.4% while growth regulator “Avibif ” — by 28.1%.

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